» shi shi beach
Shi Shi Beach is at the northern end of Olympic National Park and is most easily accessed from the Makah Indian Reservation (a special permit is required). From the parking lot, you cross over many nicely constructed walkways for maybe a mile and then the rest is a long, mostly straight and flat walk on a very muddy trail. I'd recommend planning on the mud so you can just walk through all the puddles and not have to worry so much about hopping on logs or skirting the trail to keep your boots dry. You don't really get any views of the ocean until you are close to Shi Shi Beach so it's not the most interesting trail but it's not too long either, I think we hiked a bit over 5 miles in total. Point of Arches, another very interesting beach, is about 2 miles further to the south but we didn't think we had time to get there before sunset so we just hung out at Shi Shi beach. There was absolutely no one around, no one in the parking lot, no one on the trail, no one on the beach.

Shi Shi Beach.

Me wandering the rocks (Photo by Megan).

Starfish and a tide pool.

Shi Shi Beach from above.

Megan at Shi Shi Beach.

Tide pool.

Me on a rock (Photo by Megan).

Megan on a rock.



» makah bay

Sunset over Makah Bay as seen from Hobuck Beach.


» marymere falls
The road up to Hurricane Ridge was closed due to snow and ice, and the road to Sol Duc Falls was closed due to downed trees, so we had to pick something else to do. Marymere Falls is near Lake Crescent and is reached via a relatively short hike through a nice rainforest.

Megan in the rainforest.

The bottom of Marymere Falls.

Reflections in Lake Crescent.

» third beach

Me on Third Beach (Photo by Megan).

Driftwood on Third Beach.

» lake quinalt

Lake Quinalt.

Lake Quinalt Lodge.

World's largest Sitka Spruce.

» elsewhere

Ruby Beach.



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