» sleeping bear dunes


Sleeping Bear Dunes from Empire Bluffs.

Sunset and the Sleeping Bear bluffs. Not the greatest sunset, but the view doesn't really need any adornment.

Near Otter Creek.

Port Oneida, the DH Day Barn, and the distant Pyramid Point as seen from the Dune Overlook.

The edge of Sleeping Bear Dunes.

You can (barely) see 3 people walking on the beach in the lower left corner. There were several others who were struggling to get back up the bluffs.

The overlook platform, some 450 feet above Lake Michigan.

Sunset through a lattice of leaves (Photo by Mick).

Looking south, towards Empire Bluffs (Photo by Mick).

South Manitou Island and the Sleeping Bear bluffs as seen from Empire Bluffs.

A year ago Megan and I watched another sunset from Sleeping Bear Dunes which was a bit more interesting.

Fish Town, Leland.

Point Betsie Lighthouse.

Good Harbor Bay.

Megan, Mick, and Sherrie on the Empire Bluffs Trail.

The Dune Overlook at sunset. North Manitou Island is on the horizon. It was much more beautiful in person.

Sherrie, Megan, and Mick on the bluffs.

The view from Arcadia Bluffs, known as Inspiration Point.

» grand traverse lighthouse

The lighthouse and the view from the top.

Left: There was a mother deer and fawn taking a drink from the Lake near the lighthouse. This is the fawn following it's mom to safety. Right: Rocks in shallow water near the lighthouse.

» platte river point

The Platte River flowing into Lake Michigan. The river was nice and warm, the lake was not.

» canoeing the pere marquette


Starting our journey.

Mick & Sherrie started their first canoe trip with a dip in the cool refreshing waters of the Pere Marquette.

Left: Megan walking the trail at the picnic area. Right: Taking a break.

Mick & Sherrie taking off. Moments later, I would pick up my camera by the ziplock bag it was in, it would slip out of the bag, into the river, and sink to the bottom. The water is very clear so there was no problem finding it but it was waterlogged and had powered itself on so there was no hope. Oh well, it didn't have image stabilization anyway.

Normal canoeing was too easy for Megan so we often did 360's around turns and went down the river sideways. At least, I assume that's the reason (Photos by Mick).

Mick & Sherrie.


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