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We went to New York as a partial business trip, Megan was helping plan an event at the Manhattan Century Club. We stayed at the Helmsley in Midtown Manhattan, right near the Chrysler building and a couple blocks from Grand Central Station. For entertainment, we mostly just walked around town, but we did visit the Art Museum, the Empire State Building, and Rockefeller Center.

The view north from the Empire State Building.

Empire State Building from Rockefeller Center.

Central Park from Rockefeller Center, no leaves yet.

West of Central Park, and the George Washington Bridge.

The view south from Rockefeller Center.

The distant Williamsburg Bridge.

Inside St. Patrick's Cathedral.

New York Public Library. Megan's Great Grandfather was somehow involved in the creation of this lion.

Queensboro Bridge crossing over Roosevelt Island.

Statue of Liberty.

Times Square.

The Queensboro Bridge provides an interesting backdrop for this park (Sutton Place Park).

Looking down on St. Patrick's Cathedral from Rockefeller Center, and looking up at it.

Grand Central Station.

Inside Grand Central Station, probably the biggest atrium I have seen.

Hustle and bustle.

The triangular Flatiron building, one of the first skyscrapers when it was built in 1902.

Looking south, towards the Financial District, from the Empire State Building, on a hazy day.

Chrysler Building and the Queensboro Bridge.

Buildings below the Empire State Building.

The view northeast from the Empire State Building.

St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Looking down 5th Avenue.

St. Patrick's from the Empire State Building.

Looking towards Central Park from the Empire State Building.

Rockefeller Center from below.

Traffic, as seen from a free bus we rode.

Windows into worlds. This doesn't really capture what I'd like, but I find it fascinating how in a large building like this you can have many different people going about their lives independently, but right next to each other.

Left: The Art Museum. Right: Inside.

An intricate marble sculpture (in the Art Museum).

Left: The Apple Store. Right: Windows.

Left: Chrysler Building above Grand Central Station. Right: The Grand Central Station sculpture.

Left: Many of the buildings downtown have some pretty interesting penthouses. Right: Top of the Chrysler Building.

A "Free Tibet" protest near the United Nations Headquarters.


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