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More like pure bone chilling cold, am I right? Apparently, when a cold front hits the area and the waters of Lake Michigan are still at 40 degrees, flip flops and shorts are not the proper beach attire. You need a full on body suit and ski mask. Well, maybe just some pants and shoes would have helped.

Cold or no cold, there is something enticing about the sound of rushing water. I could sit at the mouth of the Platte River all day, watching the glassy river water flow into Lake Michigan and get beat back by the ebb and flow of waves. The Platte River, incidentally, was not that cold. Had I been wearing a swimsuit I would have swam across it to check out the dunes on the other side. No one can resist dunes, except maybe Megan. They look totally enticing until you start walking on them, then you are like "geeze, walking up this sand is so hard, how do I get back to land."

Now, I love the Leelanau Peninsula area like anyone else who has been there, but one complaint I have is that I always spend a bunch of time driving when I am there. This of course is self-inflcited and it's a nice place to drive, but when you can't go 75 MPH, places that look close on a map are not all that close. So be advised, there are a lot of things to see and they are a bit spread out so if you don't want to spend all of your time in the car, plan carefully or just ignore all that other stuff and hang out at the beach.

Empire Bluffs with a bone chilling wind coming off Lake Michigan.

Glen Lake as seen from Pierce Stocking Drive.

Sleeping Bear Bluffs with South Manitou Island in the distance.

Dense forest. I think it would be hard to go jogging here, or to play frisbee.

Empire Bluffs.


A family heading down the bluffs.

Cherry blossoms.

Empire Bluffs as seen from the Platte River.

Historic Fish Town, Leland.

Sleeping Bear from Empire Bluffs.

Where the Platte River meets Lake Michigan.

A cherry orchard in bloom.

Old barn.

Megan and our yet-to-be-born child chillin' in the womb.

More trillium. In many areas they covered the forest floor.

Looking straight down the 450 foot bluffs of Sleeping Bear. The white speck in the top right is a boat.

Green on the trail to Empire Bluffs.

Looking south from Sleeping Bear.

New green.

Wave polished rocks.

Pierce Stocking Drive.

Lake Michigan.

Standing in Otter Creek, where it flows into Lake Michigan.

The beach near Otter Creek.


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