Paco is a very interesting guy. Not only is he a brilliant scientist, he's also one funny fellow! He knows first hand about stress. He studies it and he lives it! But somewhere he also learned that laughter and good times can do an amazing job of keeping you happy while you handle the million and one things you have to get done. He keeps everyone in the lab smiling and that makes every day a bit brighter.

Although Paco spends much of his time working hard at the hospital and at conferences around the country, he loves to spend time with his family whenever he can. Here are pictures of his sobrinas Marian and Maribel who he is very proud of!

Paco currently holds a faculty position within Mental Health Research Institute and is part of the Wakil Research Group. As part of the group he is working on several collaborations with Stan Watson and Huda Akil, co-directors of the institute. He is also collaborating with Bob Thompson in the Reproductive Sciences Program. His most important collaboration, however, is with his wife, Millie (Delia) Vázquez, in the Department of Pediatrics. In many ways, the López and the Vásquez Labs work as a unit. That's a good thing considering they both spend more time at work than they do at home.

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