A Contribution to the Repertory of Examples

Charles J. Fillmore

    A stacked relative clause construction, (or, simply, a stacked relative) is a construction in which a relative clause modifies a nominal construction already containing a relative clause.   A cleft sentence is a sentence one of whose constituents is introduced by anticipatory IT.[1]   A sentence which exhibits simultaneously stackedness and cleavage is the following:

It's my buxom cousin who's wearing a low-cut sweater
that's a good example of a cleft stacked relative.
[1] It's extremely important to distinguish cleft sentences from pseudo-cleft sentences.
     Instances of cleavage have IT in front; instances of pseudo-cleavage have WHAT in front.

From:   Zwicky, Salus, Binnick and Vanek (eds.),

    Studies Out In Left Field:
    Defamatory Essays Presented to James D. McCawley
    On the Occasion of His 33rd or 34th Birthday.
    1971. Edmonton: Linguistic Research, Inc.

Reprinted 1992 by John Benjamins