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Web Searching
  • Alta Vista, from Digital Equipment Corporation
    Search and Display the Results
  • The HotBot, a new competitor for Alta Vista
  • Yahoo - A Guide to WWW Not a search engine, but a hierarchical index
    Yahoo's "Other Web Searchers" page
  • Lycos
    Lycos's Search Engine catalog
  • Excite
  • Busqueda de Documentos, en español
  • GLOSARIO DE INTERNET, tambien en español
  • Web Reference
  • Class Assignments:
    1. Sample HTML Markers
      (the page we used in class on Thursday, in case you need it again)
    2. A sample Home Page that you can modify to suit yourself.
      (You don't have to follow this model, but if you want a model, here's one.)
    3. The DOS assignment
  • File Format FAQ
  • Web Spinners
  • The Web Wonk
  • Guides to Writing HTML Documents
  • Gareth Rees's style guide
  • How To Create Your Own Home Page at the University of Michigan (for students and faculty)
  • HTML Tools
  • UNIX Reference Desk
  • Jumbo Shareware downloads
  • The University of Michigan Software Archives
  • General Reference
  • My series of Frequently Asked Questions about English grammar and usage
  • The Oxford English Dictionary The biggest and most comprehensive dictionary there is.
  • Interesting Times, by Jutta Degener
    The single most interesting page I've seen on the Web.
  • The Internet Public Library
  • Reference Bookshelf (from the UM Library)
  • GOpherBLUE For information from and about the UM.
  • Voice of the Shuttle (Humanities Research from UCSB)
  • Internet Resources for Writers
  • The rec.arts.movies database at Mississippi State
  • The CineMedia Directory
  • The The Document Center at UM Library,
    including a page of references on the 1996-97 National High School Debate Topic
  • Science
  • Home page for my Math For Poets course at UM.
  • Viruses of the Mind, by Richard Dawkins
  • Univ of Michigan Biology Dept Homepage
  • Plant Biology Questions from Biology 154, Fall 1993
  • Species Level: Danaus plexippus (Monarch butterfly), from UM Bio 108
  • The Master Clock: it ticks for thee
  • Insanely Great Science Websites
  • Geek Site of the Day
  • Earthquake Information from:
  • Weather Map from MIT.
  • Alaska Volcano Observatory and Nova's Volcano Page
  • Geological Sciences 107: Earthquakes and Volcanoes
    a deservedly popular course at UM.
  • The Nine Planets
  • Mars Atlas
  • Today at NASA and NASA Home Page
  • Track the Space Shuttle's orbit in real time
  • World Building 101 - Barnard Star System
  • Ballistic programs Run them on the computer of the Lunar Institute:
    orbital calculation, specific impulse, delta-V, relativistic time-dilation, etc.
  • Useful HyperLinks, from the UM Astronomy Dept.
  • Observatorio Astronómico Nacional de México
  • Selected Home Pages
  • Field Guide to Home Pages
  • Brian W. Kernighan
  • John McCarthy
  • Timothy Leary Death's Doorstep, cheerfully decorated
  • Robert Andrew Lentz
  • Patty Niehof
  • Fergal Murphy
  • Matthew Jetmore
  • Drew Lanz
  • Angus McIntyre
  • Helen Dry
  • Jennifer Myers
  • Matthew Dryer
  • Alicia Beckford
  • Bridget Copley
  • Cosma Rohilla Shalizi
  • Tonio Roque
  • Katt Hernandez
  • Dan Pritts
  • Kevin McGowan
  • Sara Ryan
  • Eric Breck
  • Miscellaneous
  • Danno's Comics
  • Studmuffins of Science
  • Strawberry Poptart Blowtorches Don't do this at home
  • Extremely strange science
  • The Chomskybot
  • Julia, a female 'bot

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