Norwescon 33 Links

John Lawler

  1. Who I am.
    I am a recently retired linguistics professor from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, with a lifelong interest in F/SF.
    I live now in Bellingham, WA. My regular Web site is linked to my name above, and I'm on Facebook, too, ideally as "John Lawler ... Michigan", but possibly as "Sean Lawler ... Michigan", depending on how soon fb will let me change my first name back (they say they look at every change but they never do anything, so I doubt it).
    Here's some credentials:

  2. What I'm doing at the con.
    Now that I'm retired, I'm trying to pick up my fanac where I originally left it at Torcon II in 1973.
    I did a panel on linguistics (as I like to say, the best-kept secret in America) at ValhallaCon last fall
    and now have been asked to be on 4 panels at Norwescon 33.

    Two of the panels I'm on (the ones on Fri 4/2) were in my specialty, and two of them weren't.

    And, now that the con is over, I can say that both panels on language
        (the ones I did handouts for) were very successful, which to me means:

    Some other links that may be of interest:

  3. And one final announcement:
    The Language Construction Kit
    , a much expanded book version
    [Truth in Advertising: Blurbed by me on the cover], by Mark Rosenfelder,
    the author of the popular and eponymous conlang web site,
    is now on sale at Amazon for under $15.
    Last change 10/10/10.