The 7167 quotations containing remain in the Oxford English Dictionary, 2d edition

In chronological order

  1.   (1424.1) E.E. Wills (1882) 60 "The remaindre of þe maner of Steneby..[I bequeath] to Thomas my son and heir. (1424)"
  2.   (1424.2) Sc. Acts Jas. I (1597) §.8 "All the greate and smal customes, and burrow-mailles of the Realme, abide and remaine with the King till his living. (1424)"
  3.   (1430.1) R. Gloucester's Chron. (Rolls) 4920 + 20 "To byleue [= remain] þere Among mys bylyuede [MS. &epsilon. vnbelefful] men. (1430)"
  4.   (1460.1) Holinshed Hist. Scotl. II. 89 "Such coisterels and other as remained with the Scotish cariage, seeing the discomfiture of their aduersaries, ran foorth and pursued them into those marishes. (1460)"
  5.   (1469.1) Househ. Ord. (1790) 93 "To see the remaines hadde into the lardre, and the lardener to be charged with it. (1469)"
  6.   (1472.1) Plumpton Corr. (Camden) 26 "One Richard of the Burgh, that had take and led away feloniously certaine ky and other cattell..was take and arested with the said manor att Spofford, whearat they yett remaine. (1472)"
  7.   (1476.1) Acta Auditorum (1839) 49/1 "Þare to remain apoun þare awin expenss. (1476)"
  8.   (1483.1) Acta Audit. in Acta Dom. Conc. II. Introd. 114 "The said Thomas sall remain with the said land and tenement. (1483)"
  9.   (1485.1) Act 1 Hen. VII, c. 1 "Subjects having cause of Action by Formedon in the descender, or else in the remainder. (1485)"
  10.   (1506.1) in Mem. Hen. VII (Rolls) 288 "A little lord Herberd voided all the King's chamber except lords and officers..which remained there still. (1506)"
  11.   (1513.1) Douglas &Ae.AElig;neis iii. vi. 176 "Thai leifis remainis onsterit of thair place, Ne partis nocht furth of reule. (1513)"
  12.   (1513.2) More in Grafton Chron. (1568) II. 766 "To remaine..till the matter were..examined..and either iudged or appeased. (1513)"
  13.   (1516.1) Reg. Privy Seal Scot. I. 422/2 "The kingis grace dischargis thaim apone thair remaining in ward for the said errour. (1516)"
  14.   (1517.1) in Plead. Duchy Lancast. (1896) I. 70, "[60 others, who remained] in Hiddelles [near the said tenement]. (1517)"
  15.   (1526.1) Househ. Ord. (1790) 157 "One of the carry to the chaundrie all the remaine of morters, torches, quarries, pricketts. (1526)"
  16.   (1528.1) Lyndesay Dreme 360 "That was the Lymbe, in the quhilk did remaine Our Fore-fatheris, because Adam offendit. (1528)"
  17.   (1528.2) Perkins Profit. Bk. v. §.326 (1642) 144 "If a man seised of three acres..enfeoffeth a stranger..of two of the three acres..and the wife is endowed of the third acre which remaineth as allowance of the other acres. (1528)"
  18.   (1528.3) Tindale Doctr. Treat. (1848) 301 "By the reason of original sin, or *birth-poison, that remaineth in him. (1528)"
  19.   (1529.1) Latimer Serm. (1844) 20 "Yet there may remain a bag of rusty malice, 20 years old, in thy neighbour's bosom. (1529)"
  20.   (1529.2) More Dyaloge ii. iv. Wks. 185 "Than shall al these scalde &. scabbed peces scale clene of, &. the hole body of christes holy church remaine pure. (1529)"
  21.   (1529.3) Act 21 Hen. VIII, c. 13 §.8 "Only the Remain and Overplus above their Expences of their Housholds. (1529)"
  22.   (1530.1) in Arch&ae.aeig;ologia III. 156 "Returning to the chaundry all the remains of mortars, torches, quarries, prickets and sizes. (1530)"
  23.   (1531.1) Elyot Gov. (1875) 3 "Take awaie Ordre frome all thinges, what shulde than remaine? Certes nothing finally, except some man wold imagine eftesoones, Chaos, whiche of some is expounded, a confuse mixture. (1531)"
  24.   (1531.2) Elyot Gov. i. xix, "At that tyme Idolatry was nat clerely extincte, but diuers fragmentes therof remained in euery region. (1531)"
  25.   (1533.1) More Apol. xxii. Wks. 882/2 "A great some remaining after al the spiritual folke sufficiently prouided for, then had it bene good that he hadde yet farther deuysed, how it would please him that his discretes should order the remanaunt. (1533)"
  26.   (1533-4.1) Act 25 Hen. VIII, c. 22 §.11 "Your said issue..shalbe &. and in the gouernance of their naturall mother. (1533-"
  27.   (1535.1) Coverdale Josh. x. 40 "Thus Iosua smote all the londe.., with all their kynges, and let not one remaine ouer. (1535)"
  28.   (1535.2) Act 27 Hen. VIII, c. 27 "Which regester of enrollementes, shall remaine and be safelie kepte in the said courte. (1535)"
  29.   (1536.1) Statutes Irel. 28 Hen. VIII (Bolton, 1621, 108) "The writings obligatorie or money taken for the same shall rest, remaine, and abide in the hands of the underthesaurer, or in the Hanaper of the kings Chauncerie in Ireland. (1536)"
  30.   (1539-40.1) Coverdale in Money Parish Goods Berks. (1879) p. vi, "All the beams..remain still untaken down. (1539-"
  31.   (1540.1) Act 32 Hen. VIII, c. 16 §.11 "The same proclamacion shal abide, be, and remain in the same plight and strength that it is, and as if this acte had neuer bene made. (1540)"
  32.   (1540.2) Act 32 Hen. VIII, xxix, " descendable, remaine, auert, come, and be inheritable. (1540)"
  33.   (1540.3) Househ. Ord. Hen. VIII in Thynne's Animadv. Introd. 35 "The Clerkes-Comptrollers to goe with him to take the said Remaines to be advouched with him, what the expence shall rise to. Item..the Booke of Comptrollment..shall be put yearly into the Exchequer, to be advoucht to the Cofferers account. (1540)"
  34.   (1541.1) Act 33 Hen. VIII, c. 9 §.2 "Other cities..remaine and be vnfurnished of artificers and craftes men before rehersed. (1541)"
  35.   (1542.1) Recorde Gr. Artes (1575) 95 "Subtraction or Rebating is nothing els, but an arte to withdrawe and abate one summe from another, that the Remainer may appeare. (1542)"
  36.   (1542.2) Udall Erasm. Apoph. 74 b, "Onely in the children remained the aunciente integritee &. uncorrupcion. (1542)"
  37.   (1542.3) Udall Erasm. Apoph. 264 b, "Hymselfe remained prisoner emong the most uncourtise Silicians. (1542)"
  38.   (1542.4) Udall Erasm. Apoph. 302 "Onely Phocion was remainyng unserved by reason that the poison had been all consumed by the others. (1542)"
  39.   (1542.5) Udall Erasm. Apoph. 206 "The deformitee and disfigure of hymping on the one legge..did still remain. (1542)"
  40.   (1542.6) Wyatt Poems, `Unstable Dream' 13 "Where it was at wysshe it could not remain. (1542)"
  41.   (1542.7) Wyatt in Tottel's Misc. (Arb.) 71, "I was content thy seruant to remain; And not to be repayed after this fashion. (1542)"
  42.   (1543.1) transl. Act 13 Edw. I, c. 2 "If he that repleuied make defaut agayne, or for an other cause retourne of the dystres beyng now twyse repleuied be awarded, the distres shal remaine irrepleuiable. (1543)"
  43.   (1544.1) Extracts Aberd. Reg. 193 "For furnesing of ane thowsand horse to remain with the locumtenant on the bordouris, for resisting of our auld ennimeis of Ingland. (1544)"
  44.   (1544.2) in Lett. &. Papers Hen. VIII, XIX. ii. 175 "Personages to remain here at Boulloyn..Edw. Brown, water-bailly, [and others]. (1544)"
  45.   (1544.3) tr. Littleton's Tenures (1574) 13 "Yf a man let landes..for terme of yeres, the remainder ouer to an other for terme of lyfe. (1544)"
  46.   (1544.4) tr. Littleton's Tenures (1574) 95 b, "If a lease bee made to a man for terme of life, the remaynder unto another for terme of life, the remaynder unto the thirde in taile, the remainder unto the fourth in fee [etc.]. (1544)"
  47.   (1545.1) Joye Exp. Dan. x. 169 b, "It behowued not one stone vpon another nor vestigie of the temple to stand and remaine. (1545)"
  48.   (1545.2) Joye Exp. Dan. i. 13 b, "In that cite yet..there remaineth the temple of Iupiters image,..or els is there no nother memoriall or skant any vestigie thereof. (1545)"
  49.   (1545.3) Raynold Byrth Mankynde iii. iii. (1634) 167 "That that remaineth, fry it together in a Frying panne with Suger. (1545)"
  50.   (1545.4) Raynalde Byrth Mankynde ii. vii. (1634) 137 "If one of the brests swage which before was in good liking, the other remaining sound and safe. (1545)"
  51.   (1545.5) Raynold Byrth Mankynde (1634) iv. vi. 197 "Be [the earth]..neuer so well diligented and picked, yet alwayes therein will remaine..seeds of vnlooked for weeds. (1545)"
  52.   (1545.6) Reg. Privy Council Scot. I. 5 "Becaus of the fere of the pest that is laytlie risyn in the toun of Edinburcht, the seite of Sessioun may nocht surelie remaine thairin. (1545)"
  53.   (1546.1) Phaer Bk. Childr. (1553) Q viij, "The swellyng or puffyng vp..pressed wyth the finger, there remaineth a print. (1546)"
  54.   (1547.1) Surrey &Ae.AElig;neid iv. (1557) E iv b, "Troy and the remainder of our folke Restore I shold. (1547)"
  55.   (1547.2) Injunc. Edw. VI, xxviii. c ij b, "That they shall take awaie..all shrines [etc.], that there remain no memory of the same, in walles, glasses, windowes, or els where. (1547)"
  56.   (1547-8.1) Mervyn in Brooke Abridgem. (1586) tit. Patentes 97 II. 128 "Vn Constat est pledable, contrarie dun Inspeximus, car in lun case le patent remaine, &. in lauter il est parde. (1547-"
  57.   (1548.1) Hall Chron., Hen. VIII, 14/b, "And there remained at the kynges charge, til other direccion was taken for theim. (1548)"
  58.   (1548.2) Hall Chron., Hen. IV (an. 13) 32 "Taken prisoner and so remained in Englande..till the flower of his age was passed or sore blemyshed. (1548)"
  59.   (1548.3) Hall Chron., Edw. IV 223 b, "That no print or shadowe should remain of the adverse faccion, in his realme. (1548)"
  60.   (1548.4) Hall Chron., Hen. VIII 185 "That the realme of Napels should for euer remain to the Emperour. (1548)"
  61.   (1548.5) Recorde Urin. Physick viii. 35 "There remaineth yet somewhat of that distemperate trouble in the blood. (1548)"
  62.   (1548.6) Udall, etc. Erasm. Par. Rom. Prol. sig. &dag.&dag.i, "Else shalt thou remaine euermore faithlesse. (1548)"
  63.   (1548.7) Udall, etc. Erasm. Par. John vi. 41 b, "Where as all men did eat therof, they neuertheles dyed, nether did any one of so great a number remain vndead. (1548)"
  64.   (1548.8) Udall, etc. Erasm. Par. Luke xxii, "Tempering his woordes to the rawnesse of his disciples, which rawenes he remaine a long season in them. (1548)"
  65.   (1549.1) Cranmer in Strype Life App. xl, "Vigils, otherwise called Watchings, remain in the Calendars upon certain Saints' Evens. (1549)"
  66.   (1549.2) Paget in Froude Hist. Eng. (1860) V. 182 "Send for all the council that be remaining unsent abroad. (1549)"
  67.   (1549.3) Act 3 &. 4 Edw. VI, c. 1 §.2 "The said Offices have remained void for a long Time, to the great Let of Justice. (1549)"
  68.   (1550.1) Cranmer Wks. (Parker Soc.) I. 6 "But what availeth it to take away beads, pardons, pilgrimages, and such other like popery, so long as two chief roots remain unpulled up? " (1550)"
  69.   (1550.2) Disc. Common Weal Eng. (1893) 76 "Therof to this daie remaineth these vocables of coine, as libra, pondo, dipondium,..vocables of weight; that afterward weare gyven to coines pretending the same weight. (1550)"
  70.   (1551.1) Recorde Pathway to Knowl. ii. Introd., "And if you abate euen portions from things that are equal, those partes that remain shall be equall also. (1551)"
  71.   (1551.2) T. Wilson Logike 76 "There remaineth a wicked inclination, the same must alwaies be brideled and kept in, even with the terror of the law, as though it were a mouse-roll. (1551)"
  72.   (1553.1) S. Cabot Ordinances in Hakluyt Voy. (1589) 259 "To put the same into a common leger to remain of record for the companie. (1553)"
  73.   (1553-87.1) Foxe A. &. M. (1596) 51/1 "The celebration of Easterdaie remained adiaphoron, as a thing indifferent in the church. (1553-"
  74.   (1555.1) Eden Decades (Arb.) 285 "What parts of the baul of the earth remained yet vndiscouered. (1555)"
  75.   (1555.2) Ridley Wks. (Parker Soc.) 34 "Saying: `We grant the nature of bread remaineth..and yet the corporeal substance of the bread therefore is gone, lest two bodies should be confused together, and Christ should be thought impanate'. (1555)"
  76.   (1555.3) W. Watreman Fardle Facions ii. xii. 294 "How she from thre yeres of age..remained ther [in the temple] seruing God stil a peace. (1555)"
  77.   (1556.1) Phaer &Ae.AElig;neid iv. (1558) K j, "What meanes he? why remaines he thus within his enemies ward?" (1556)"
  78.   (1557.1) Recorde Whetst. L iij b, "If the remainer, and the roote in the quotiente, bee nombers communicante, diuide them so. (1557)"
  79.   (1557.2) Order Hospitalls D vj b, "An Inventorie..shall be Indented, th' one part thereof to remaine in your custodie, and the other in the custodie of the persons charged. (1557)"
  80.   (1557.3) Order of the Hospitalls G viij, "You shall also kepe the *Wardrobe-booke, wherein shalbe written..the remainder of all things at euery Michaelmass [etc.]. (1557)"
  81.   (1557.4) Order of Hospitalls C j, "The Number of children remaining and Pencioners relieved at the Cities charge. (1557)"
  82.   (1558.1) Phaer &Ae.AElig;neid. ii. E iv b, "In his purpose still he fixt remainyd fast. We therageinst with streaming teares. (1558)"
  83.   (1558.2) Warde tr. Alexis' Secr. 13 b, "A verie goodly secrete for the gommes [It. gomme] or burgeons that remaine of the great Pockes. (1558)"
  84.   (1558.3) Warde tr. Alexis' Secr. i. 45 "Take..Ambergryse,..Styrax calamita, [etc.]..And the Ambre, Styrax, and other thinges that remaine in the bottome of the sayd vessel,..will be excedinge good to make muske or swete balles. (1558)"
  85.   (1558.4) Warde tr. Alexis' Secr. (1568) 110 b, "Thinges that remain in the fire without melting, wherein men print very well all maner of metall. (1558)"
  86.   (1558.5) in Feuillerat Revels Q. Eliz. (1908) Table i, "The Master and officers..shall..peruse the remaines of the whole stuffe and other stoare lefte at the laste vewe. (1558)"
  87.   (1558.6) in Strype Ann. Ref. (1709) I. App. iv. 4 "All such as governed..and now remain unplaced and uncalled to Credit. (1558)"
  88.   (1559.1) Abp. Hethe in Strype Ann. Ref. (1824) I. App. vi. 399 "What..spirituall government is, and in what pointes it dothe cheffely remaine. (1559)"
  89.   (1559.2) Morwyng Evonym. 376 "Pres it out strongly and put the decoction prest out through a wullen sight, and pres it out, that the substance may remaine in the sight. (1559)"
  90.   (1559.3) National Covt. in Knox Hist. Ref. ii. 313 "Item the sayd Lords of the congregation and all the members therof shall remaine obedient subiects to our soueraigne Lord and Ladies authoritie. Item the said congregation nor none of them shall not trouble or molest a Church-man. (1559)"
  91.   (1559.4) in Neal Hist. Puritans (1754) I. 93 "After the consecration [of the host] there remains not..any other substance but God-Man. (1559)"
  92.   (1560.1) Becon New Catech. Wks. I. 465 b, "Whatsoeuer the Papistes..pratle in this behalf, I am sure, reason sayeth, that there remaineth bothe bread &. wyne. (1560)"
  93.   (1560.2) Daus tr. Sleidane's Comm. 139 "The remainder to be restored when the warre is finished. (1560)"
  94.   (1560.3) Daus tr. Sleidane's Comm. 7 "He was commaunded by his prince to remain at home. (1560)"
  95.   (1560.4) Whitehorne Ord. Souldiours (1588) 30 b, "If the pouder bee good, you shall see them all to fire at ones; so that there shall be no residence remaining. (1560)"
  96.   (1560.5) Whitehorne Arte Warre 69 "The other twoo shal remain behinde, distaunte other thirtie yardes: the which facion maie bee ordained in a sodaine. (1560)"
  97.   (1561.1) T. Norton Calvin's Inst. i. 18 b, "Among so manifold miserable afflictions of the Jewes..they [the tables of God's covenant] remained still safe and extant. (1561)"
  98.   (1561.2) T. N[orton] Calvin's Inst., "It remaineth that by applyance all the same [benefits] may come to us. (1561)"
  99.   (1561.3) T. Norton Calvin's Inst. i. 52 "Although we graunt that the Image of God was not altogether defaced and blotted out in him, yet was it so corrupted, that all that remaineth, is but vggly deformitie. (1561)"
  100.   (1561.4) T. Norton Calvin's Inst. i. 53 "Euen in the vices themselues there remain emprinted some leauinges thereof. (1561)"
  101.   (1561.5) tr. Calvin's Foure Godlye Serm. iii. G iij b, "It is..suche a special prerogatyue as can not for ye great dignitie therof sufficiently be pryced to remaine and lyue in the churche. (1561)"
  102.   (1562.1) Bulleyn Bk. Simples (1579) 75 "They remaine Kiddes for six monethes, and called Goates. (1562)"
  103.   (1562.2) Cooper Answ. Priv. Masse (1850) 108 "Ergo it ought to remain indifferent. (1562)"
  104.   (1562.3) Apol. Private Masse (1850) 8 "To enclose that to some one sort of private profit, that ought to remain in common. (1562)"
  105.   (1562.4) Act 5 Eliz. xxiii. §.8 "The same Party..shall remain in the Prison..without Bail, Baston or Mainprize. (1562)"
  106.   (1563.1) Foxe A. &. M. 1353/1 "Shaxton byshop of Salisburye resigned also with him his bishoprick. And so these two remained a great space vnbishopped. (1563)"
  107.   (1563.2) Harding Answ. to M. Ivelles Challenge To Rdr. (1565) 4 b, "The note of vndiscretion shall remaine to them. (1563)"
  108.   (1563.3) Shute Archit. C j b, " shall deuid into .4. partes. geue one part vnto Cimatium vnder Corona..geue likwise .2 parte vnto Corona..&. the fourth part which remaineth, geue vnto Cymatium ouer Corona. (1563)"
  109.   (1563.4) Shute Archit. C j b, " shall deuid into .4. partes. geue one part vnto Cimatium vnder Corona..the fourth part which remaineth, geue vnto Cymatium ouer Corona. (1563)"
  110.   (1563.5) Win& Four Scoir Thre Quest. Wks. 1888 I. 109 "He geuis ane expres command to the innocent woman demittand hir husband, to remain vnmariit or to be reconcilit to hir husband [marg. 1 Cor. 7]. (1563)"
  111.   (1563.6) Homilies ii. Sacrament i. (1859) 443 "Not as especially regarding the terene and earthly creatures which remain. (1563)"
  112.   (1563.7) in W. Nicolson Leges Marchiarum (1705) 138 "If it shall happen the Cattel or Sheep of the one Realm to be *staff-herded, or to remain depasturing upon the ground of the opposite Realm. (1563)"
  113.   (1563-87.1) Foxe A. &. M. (1596) 936/2 "He remained so long manicled that his haire was folded togither. (1563-"
  114.   (1563-87.2) Foxe A. &. M. (1596) 936/2 "He remained so long manicled that his haire was folded togither. (1563-"
  115.   (1565.1) Calfhill Answ. Treat. Crosse (1846) 153 "The same divine nature, after the assumpting of flesh, to remain notwithstanding incircumscriptible. (1565)"
  116.   (1565.2) Cooper Thesaurus s.v. Reliquus, "Camillus writeth that he hath receiued the remaines due vnto me. (1565)"
  117.   (1565.3) Harding Confut. Apol. iv. 212 b, "They can not be the..shining church of Christ... Wherefore it remaineth that it is the synagog of Antichrist, and Lucifer. (1565)"
  118.   (1565.4) Jewel Repl. Harding (1611) 391 "There be certaine men, that..fearing, that if they attaine to any knowledge, they shall be proud: and so they remaine still only in Milke [tr. Augustine: et remanent in solo lacte]. (1565)"
  119.   (1565.5) T. Stapleton Fortr. Faith 16, "I wil be a remainer in thy tabernacle for euer. (1565)"
  120.   (1565.6) MS. Cott. Cal. B. 10. fol. 270 "Which charters remain still undefaced. (1565)"
  121.   (1566.1) Adlington Apuleius 51 "Whether thou wilt remaine with the serpent and in the ende to be swallowed up into the gowlfe of his bodie. (1566)"
  122.   (1567.1) Allen Def. Priesthood 228 "Wherof yet in most Churches ther remaineth a smal signe, by disciplin geuen [etc.]. (1567)"
  123.   (1567.2) Ld. Herries in Robertson Hist. Scot. (1759) II. App. 51 "He hoped the remainder noblemen of their party..would come to the same conformity. (1567)"
  124.   (1567.3) Painter Pal. Pleas. (1813) II. 160 "That I remaine in fielde it is to me greate fame. (1567)"
  125.   (1567.4) Q. Eliz. Let. to Throgmorton in Robertson Hist. Scot. (1759) II. App. 47 "We..cannot but think them to have therein gone so far beyond the duty of subjects, as must needs remain to their perpetual touche for ever. (1567)"
  126.   (1568.1) North tr. Gueuara's Diall Princes iv. II. 104 "The memory of you shall remain eternized to your Successors for euer. (1568)"
  127.   (1569.1) Kingesmyll Confl. Satan (1578) 14 "Gods words remaine beyond the days of the Sunne. (1569)"
  128.   (1570.1) B. Googe Pop. Kingd. iv. 51 b, "And least in grave he shoulde remaine, without some companie, The singing bread is layde with him. (1570)"
  129.   (1570.2) Dee Math. Pref. 10 "Who can remaine..vnpersuaded, to loue..the excellent Science of Arithmetike? " (1570)"
  130.   (1570.3) Levins Manip. 149/35 "A collip, cremium [Cremium, what remains dry in the pan after frying anything, rendering of suet or the like (Du Cange).]" (1570)"
  131.   (1570.4) St. Andrews Kirk-Sess. Reg. (1889) 345 "Content to remain wytht hym oure-alquhair. (1570)"
  132.   (1570-6.1) Lambarde Peramb. Kent (1826) 143 "There standeth yet, upon the high cliffe,..some remaine of a Tower. (1570-"
  133.   (1570-6.2) Lambarde Peramb. Kent (1826) 394 "What remaineth..but that altars should be this our newe found Godlyng? " (1570-"
  134.   (1570-6.3) Lambarde Peramb. Kent (1826) 243 "As touching this privilege.., although it continue not altogither in the same plight, yet some shadowe thereof remaineth even to this day. (1570-"
  135.   (1570-6.4) Lambarde Peramb. Kent 287 "This also the whole track of their iourney (remaining euer after a greene pathe) the Towne dwellers were wont to shew. (1570-"
  136.   (1571.1) Campion Hist. Irel. ii. vii. (1633) 99 "It shall never bee chronicled, nor remaine in scripture,..that Ireland was lost by my negligence. (1571)"
  137.   (1571.2) Campion Hist. Irel. II. viii. (1633) 102 "For which cause the Earle of Desmond remained many yeares Deputy to George Duke of Clarence his god-brother. (1571)"
  138.   (1572.1) Bossewell Armorie ii. 94 "A great Parke..that had remained vnhunted, duringe the time of foure mens ages. (1572)"
  139.   (1572.2) Gascoigne Counc. to B. Withipoll 7 "Beleeue me now it is a friendly touch, To vse fewe words where friendship doth remaine. (1572)"
  140.   (1572.3) Mascall Plant. &. Graff. v. (1592) 28 "But alwayes take good heede to the binding of your heds that they waxe slack, or shagge, neyther on the one side or other, but remaine fast vpon the clay. (1572)"
  141.   (1572.4) Plat Floures Philos. Addr. to Rdr., "The Iohn so sweete in shewe and smell, distincte by colours twaine, Aboute the borders of their beds in seemelie sighte remaine. (1572)"
  142.   (1573.1) Northbrooke Poore Mans Gard. To Rdr., "The Earth then remained to man as a thing tillable. (1573)"
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  4820.   (1891.25) Labour Commission Gloss., "Plus System, also called `bonus' system, is one by which a certain proportion of wages, called `subsistence money', is paid every day, and the remainder on the completion of the job or contract. This remainder is called the plus, or `contingent money'. (1891)"
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  4855.   (1892.29) Pall Mall G. 30 Sept. 6/3 "Remains of the extinct monster diprotodon. (1892)"
  4856.   (1892.30) Pall Mall G. 28 July 3/3 "You are..`all even' so far, and only one more hole remains to be played after this. Should you lose this one, your antagonist will be `dormy', that is to say, he will be one hole up with one to play; so that, although you may yet halve the match, you will not be able to win it. (1892)"
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  5206.   (1905.11) Act 5 Edw. VII c. 13 §.3 "The Secretary of State may..make an order (in this Act referred to as an expulsion order) requiring an alien to leave the United Kingdom within a time fixed by the order, and thereafter to remain out of the United Kingdom. (1905)"
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  5234.   (1907.3) G. S. Gordon Let. 9 Sept. (1943) 23, "I have called you sweet girl. But I will not..retract; and so sweet girl you must remain william nilliam. (1907)"
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  5241.   (1907.10) Athen&ae.aeig;um 22 June 764/2 "For seventeen years the pup&ae.aeig; of this species [of locust] remain underneath the ground... This long subterranean vigil is not necessarily one of usual pupal inaction. (1907)"
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  5246.   (1907.15) Daily Chron. 9 Dec. 3/3 "Schumann is a minor poet among musicians. We remember his lesser things..and remain cold to his large-scale pieces. (1907)"
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  5249.   (1908.1) Chesterton All Things Considered 47 "His vanity..remains a mere mistake of fact, like that of a man who..thinks he has an infallible system for Monte Carlo. (1908)"
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  5254.   (1908.6) R. Bagot A. Cuthbert v. 43, "I was not thinking of myself, but of you. Do you suppose that I want you to remain unmarried in order to secure my own position?" (1908)"
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  5256.   (1908.8) V. Karapetoff Exper. Electr. Engin. xxi. 494 "It only bring the machine into phase with the voltage at the bus-bars. This is done either by means of properly connected incandescent lamps..or special instruments, so-called synchroscopes. (1908)"
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  5264.   (1908.16) Westm. Gaz. 30 Dec. 8/2 "In spite of the employment of many thousands..on..clearing away the muddy remains of the recent snowstorm, the principal roadways..presented an extraordinary spectacle of mud-heaps, mud-rivers, and mud-banks. (1908)"
  5265.   (1908.17) Westm. Gaz. 26 Sept. 8/2 "Scotland trout-fishing remains open..and some nice baskets are being made. (1908)"
  5266.   (1908.18) [Miss Fowler] Betw. Trent &. Ancholme 379 "Some remaining Pear and `Sweeting' trees. (1908)"
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  5344.   (1914.5) Brit. Mus. Guide Processes of Engraving 52 "A maculature is another form of weak impression. A copper plate needs to be inked between each impression. Sometimes a second impression is taken from the plate before re-inking, as a means of extracting the remainder of the ink from the lines. This is called a maculature. (1914)"
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  5370.   (1916.12) Anzac Bk. 138 "And it came to pass that while they yet warmed their hands there was heard a mighty crash, and of the `Gyppies' that remained were picked up seven stretchers full. (1916)"
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  5379.   (1917.7) Times 30 May 7/4 "What will be the attitude of those portions of Greece..if they remain wheatless. (1917)"
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  5381.   (1918.2) E. S. Farrow Dict. Mil. Terms 414 "Occupation Army, an army that remains in possession of a newly conquered country, retaining it as a kind of hostage, until peace is signed and the war indemnity paid. (1918)"
  5382.   (1918.3) E. M. Roberts Flying Fighter 201 "After a heart-to-heart talk, I induced him to let me remain in the Flying Service. (1918)"
  5383.   (1918.4) E. S. Farrow Dict. Mil. Terms 235 "Flare, an unsteady, dazzling light used as an illumination and in signaling: in aë.ronautics, a guide for landing. Flare lights, lights used in combination with obstacles, either protected or screened, to prevent the enemy removing them. They are screened in rear so that the defenders may remain in shadow. Flare pistol, a large pistol, which looks like a sawed-off shot&dubh.gun, from which flares are fired. (1918)"
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  5386.   (1918.7) W. Owen Poems (1920) 13 "And terror's first constriction over, Their hearts remain small drawn. (1918)"
  5387.   (1918.8) Policeman's Monthly Oct. 16/3 "In answer to this, it was learned that fifty-eight began by smoking opium..eight ate morphine, three ate `yen shee', the ashes of opium, and the remaining cases started by using cocaine and laudanum, or eating opium. (1918)"
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  5389.   (1919.1) E. W. Dean Motor Gasoline Properties (U.S. Bur. Mines Techn. Paper No. 214) 25 "If the liquid remains unchanged in color and if the sulphur film is bright yellow or only slightly discolored.., the test shall be reported negative and the gasoline considered `sweet'. (1919)"
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  5391.   (1919.3) H. Dreyfus Brit. Pat. 160,225, "The solvent action on the cellulose acetate increases so that this is more and more dissolved and plastified until..only very little volatile diluent remains. (1919)"
  5392.   (1919.4) J. E. H. Thomson Mem. T. Dunlop ii. 19 "All that remained of the Rectory or Pedagogy, that in pre-Reformation days represented the later University. (1919)"
  5393.   (1919.5) J. Buchan Mr. Standfast iii. 63 "By the middle of 1915 most [enemy spies]..had been gathered in. But there remained loose ends, and..somebody was very busy combining these ends into a net. (1919)"
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  5461.   (1923.14) N.Y. Times 15 July vi. 1/6 "The method of the comedy team remains more or less unvaried. The team is composed, in the first place, of a comedian and a `straight' man. (1923)"
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  5536.   (1927.18) Amer. Mercury May 33/1 "The corpse is not a corpse nor does it wear a shroud. It is the body, or the remains;..and the garment in which it is wrapped, when there is one aside from ordinary clothing, is a neglig&eacu.e. (1927)"
  5537.   (1927.19) Amer. Speech II. 242/1 "Only in small country papers does one find `patent insides'. The country editor frequently buys four pages of his paper already printed, filled with `features', fiction, and advertising. He has only to fill the four remaining pages with local news and advertising. (1927)"
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  5556.   (1928.8) Daily Mail 25 July 3/6 "Though the price of Icilma Shampoos remains at 3d., each packet now contains a wonderful Toning Rinse suitable for every shade of hair, which removes all trace of lather, and leaves the hair in a state of exquisite burnished beauty. (1928)"
  5557.   (1928.9) Daily Express 7 Apr. 5/5 "Drive in the remaining pegs and attach and true up the remaining guylines. (1928)"
  5558.   (1928.10) Daily Express 10 Dec. 11/1 "York County's early settlers were Germans, and their present-day descendants still remain under the spell of medieval German necromancy. One of their sacred words is `hex', said to be corrupt German for witch. (1928)"
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  5734.   (1937.10) Wodehouse Lord Emsworth &. Others ii. 96 "Can I count on your co-operation?.. Sit in, and I shall be able to marry the girl I adore. Refuse to do your bit, and I drift through the remainder of my life a soured, blighted bachelor. (1937)"
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  5738.   (1937.14) Discovery Oct. 277/2 "Since the reaction thrust, acting from the extreme rear of the plane, is in no way different from the pull of the aero engine in its nose, and remains in fixed relation to the aeroplane axis, stability and *flight-control are not interfered with. (1937)"
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