A Sample Web Page
(for Residential College Faculty)

A lot of things besides text can be put on a Web page. The following Alta Vista search "form" (which works -- try it) is created entirely by cutting and pasting letters in a wordprocessor:
But this is not your ordinary text. It's HyperText, which is the HT in HTML and the ht in http://. It's a genuinely new form of communicative expression. Of course, there has to be something to communicate. And who better to provide that certain Je sais quois than RC faculty?

Not to belabor the point, you can provide information to more people faster and more permanently and more usefully using the Web than most other ways. Of course, the same is true of a lot of other things, like becoming President. But using the Web is easier.

This page was originally put together in 1997 around some URLs that were provided by Tom Weisskopf, Mary McGuire, and others. Three years later, it was still on the Web, and easy to update and add more examples from the RC Faculty List. This information was just typed in, or copied from other files, and it didn't take much longer than an hour to do. Your mileage may vary, but using the Web is truly far simpler than we have any right to expect, especially at a University like UM, where there are facilities galore and good training and support.

A good way to get on the Web is to collect resources on specific topics and organize them. This is facilitated by using one's Bookmark files. This way you can function as one of the high-test spigots in the Information Refinery.