Teaching Materials in Historical Linguistics and Etymology

John Lawler

  1. 3 pages of graphics (portrait orientation, not all pages oriented parallel) from my
    Hypercard stack World of Words, showing the historical development of the PIE
    stop system, with their reflexes in Greek, Latin, and Germanic.   Download

  2. 1-page graphic with details about Mandarin (Putonghua) tones.   Download

  3. 4 1-page graphics of the history of 4 PIE roots and their English reflexes:

  4. 2-page graphic from World of Words, showing the PIE family tree,
    and a map of Gaul in the time of J. Caesar, with labels in Latin. Download

  5. Miscellaneous materials about PIE and ancient languages,
    from my freshman etymology course "A World of Words" Download

  6. Miscellaneous materials about Greek, ditto: Download

  7. Miscellaneous materials about Latin, ditto: Download

  8. Miscellaneous linguistics materials, mostly from "A World of Words": Download