Johann Borenstein (Retired from life in academia since April 2013)                   

Research Professor and Head of the Mobile Robotics Lab 
within the University of Michigan's
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Member of Michigan Robotics

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Research Interests:

My main field of interest is Mobile Robotics. I started building my first mobile robot, the "Nursing Robot," in 1983 as part of my D.Sc. Thesis. Since then I have been focusing on experimental work with mobile robots. I have authored or co-authored to date some 170 publications. These are my main areas of interest:

Mobile Robot Positioning

Current work:

Earlier work:

Unconventional Robotic Vehicles

Current work:

Earlier work:


Obstacle Avoidance

Earlier work:


Robotic Technologies for the Disabled

Earlier work:


Publications, most of them downloadable

Commercialized products and services

I am grateful for the ongoing support by DOE under the University Research Program in Robotics (URPR) as well as current and past funding from DARPA, NASA, TACOM and other great agencies.

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Personal Interests:

Dancing since 1974

Fitness, running. First (and last) marathon in 1989

Aerobics instructor since 1990 and still going: Mens sana in corpore sano!

Soccer since 1995

Whitewater rafting since 1990: go with the flow ...

Motorcycling - since 1999

Favorite Dilbert Cartoon

How to get in touch:

Dr. Johann Borenstein
The University of Michigan
3765 CSE Building
2260 Hayward Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2121
Tel.: (734) 763-1560
Fax: (206) 203-1445
Maps and travel directions for visitors to my office and lab

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