Where am I?" --

Systems and Methods for Mobile Robot Positioning


J. Borenstein(1), H. R. Everett(2), and L. Feng(3)

Edited and compiled by J. Borenstein

March 1996

In March 1996 we posted the 1996 Edition of the report. The 1996 Edition has 282 pages, 200 illustrations, and 400 references. Electronic copies of this report in its entirety can be downloaded from http://www-personal.umich.edu/~johannb/Papers/pos96rep.pdf.


The 1996 Edition of the "Where am I" Report is also available on CD-ROM.   The CD-ROM includes seven 2- to 4-minute video clips that can be played back on Macs, PCS, and possibly UNIX workstations. Also included are 17 background papers and detailed author information. The content of the CD-ROM includes a total of 441 MB of data (of which 36 MB are non-video information). 

The (slightly different) October 1995 Edition of the "Where am I" Report is available as a bound paperback book with the title: "Navigating Mobile Robots: Systems and Techniques." (NOTE: As of 1999 this book is out of print and no longer available anywhere).