John P. Boyd


  • email:
    FAX: (734) 764-5137 Phone: (734) 764-3338

    Address: Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Science University of Michigan
    2455 Hayward Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2143

  • ENG 503 HOME PAGE: Scientific Visualization and Information Architecture

  • AOSS 555 HOME PAGE: Spectral Methods

  • Chebyshev and Fourier Spectral Methods, 2d. edition, PDF online version

  • Bibliographic Database on Chebyshev and Fourier spectral methods (2000+ items; Bibtex/Latex format)

  • Weakly Nonlocal Solitary Waves and Beyond-All-Orders Asymptotics, Kluwer (1998), Description

  • review article "The Devil's Invention: Asymptotics, Superasymptotic and Hyperasymptotic Series", Acta Applicandae vol. 56, pgs. 1-98 (1999).

    Articles with Guan-yu CHEN
    Articles with Natasha FLYER
    Articles with Andrei NATAROV
    Articles with Benkui TAN
    Articles with Beth A. WINGATE

    Professional Interests: Numerical Methods, Nonlinear Waves Chebyshev & Fourier Spectral Methods,
    Spectral Elements, Exponentially Small Phenomena

    Dr. Shun der Ko ('85), computer entrepeneur
    Dr. Sue Ellen Haupt ('87), Utah State (Mech. Eng.)
    Dr. Hong Ma ('90), Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • Dr. Mark Schumack ('90), U. of Detroit-Mercy (Mech. Eng.)
    Dr. Javad Abdollahi-Alibeik ('94)
    Dr. Hengchu Han ('95), automotive industry
    Dr. Beth Wingate ('96) Los Alamos National Laboratory
    Dr. Wan-li Wu ('96) NCAR
  • Dr. Natasha Flyer ('98) University of Colorado (Program in Appl. Math.)
    Dr. Laila Guessous ('99) Oakland University (Mech. Eng.)
  • Dr. Guan-Yu Chen ('98) Institute of Harbor and Marine Technology, Taiwan
  • Dr. Andrei Natarov ('00)
  • Mr. Hao Xu (began '00)
  • Mr. Cheng Zhou(began '05)

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