The Penner-Hahn Research Group

At the Golden Gate Bridge (2008):
Jay Stasser, Jesse Ward, Jenna Welby.

On the banquet cruise at XAFS-X in Chicago:
Shengke Wang, Tsu-Chien Weng, Pat Allen, Katrina Peariso, Pam DeMarois, Jungwon Hwang, Eileen Yu, Craig McClure, and Jim Penner-Hahn.

Pam at work at APS.

A handsome bunch.

Hui with his foot in the bag - !?!

Kelly, Dave, and Terry enjoy the wonderful weather in Boston.

Dan and Shengke at work at APS.

Eileen hard at work at beamline 6-2 at SSRL.

The group, doing what we do best!

The Penner-Hahn / Pecoraro groups wedding - Kimber Clark and Mike Baldwin

Eileen's birthday celebration, with the Yocum Lab

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