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Works Published in Arabic, 1905-1919

    Music [al-Musiqa]. Short essays. New York, 1905.

    Spirit Brides [`Ará’'is al-Murúj]. Short stories. New York, 1906. Trans. Juan R. I. Cole, White Cloud, 1994. Hardback. * Paperback.

    Spirits Rebellious. Short stories. New York, 1908. Three of these stories have been recently retranslated and published by John Walbridge in The Beloved and The Storm.

    Broken Wings: A Novel. New York, 1912. Recently retranslated by Juan R. I. Cole, White Cloud, 1998. Hardback. * Paperback

    Newspaper essays and prose poems, 1905-1918. Many collected in Arabic as A Tear and a Smile (New York, 1914) and The Storms. Some of these were brought out in collections by Knopf from the late 1940s in poor translations that remain in print, especially in the Treasury volumes, hurting Gibran's literary reputation. Some of these pieces have recently been retranslated, both in the Walbridge books above, and as The Vision by Juan R. I. Cole, White Cloud Press, 1994. Hardback. * Paperback.

    The Procession. [al-Mawakib]. New York, 1919. Long ode in classical Arabic. No good translations exist.

Works Published in English. With Online Digital Text

    The Madman : His Parables and Poems. New York, 1918.

    The Forerunner. New York, 1920.

    The Prophet . Prose poems. New York, 1923

    Sand and Foam : parables, poems, and aphorisms. New York, 1926.

    Jesus, the Son of Man : His words and His deeds as told and recorded by those who knew Him. New York, 1928. (Not online.)

    The Earth Gods. New York, 1931. (Not online)

    The Wanderer : His Parables and His Sayings. New York, 1932. (Not online)

      Note: The "Garden of the Prophet," while it contains work by Gibran, was tampered with by Barbara Young after his death and cannot reliably be counted one of his works in its published book form.