We encourage the speakers to buy airline tickets themselves earlier to get

better price. The closest airport to Ann Arbor is the Detroit Metropolitan

Airport (DTW) which is about 30 minutes’ drive from the UM campus.

Speakers can take Metro Cars or Metro Cab to get to the campus, the price

is about $50 one way. The taxi information can be found here. If you choose

to rent a car at the airport, you can take Hwy 94 and exit at 177 to get to

the campus, the driving distance is about 25 miles. More detailed information

for the transportation can be found at the MCTP website here.


Our secretary Beth Demkowski (demkowsk@umich.edu, 734-615-5811)

will help you to reserve a hotel room that is often within the walking distance to

the physics department. If you have a car, you can either park it at the hotel parking

space, or park it at Forest St. City Public parking structure on Forest Avenue. A

map of the central campus can be found here. 


The seminar will be held at 335 West Hall physics building, normally there will

be about 30 audiences (mainly HEP/astrophysics faculties, research scientists,

postdocs and graduate students). The talk is scheduled to be 45 minutes plus 15 minutes

for questions.


Please keep all your receipts so that our secretary Beth Demkowski can get

the reimbursement for you.


If you have any questions, please do not hesistate to contact Junjie Zhu

(junjie@umich.edu, 734-647-7201, 356 West Hall) or Michael Schubnell

(schubnell@umich.edu, 734-763-9696).