Kyger C Lohmann 

Professor of Geology 

Department of Geological Sciences
University of Michigan
2534 C. C. Little Building
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1063 

E-mail: kacey@umich.edu 

Phone: (313) 763-2298 

Fax: (313) 763-4690 




Carbonate geochemistry, my principal area of specialization in the geological sciences, utilizes the chemistry and fabric of carbonate minerals to reconstruct the conditions present in ancient environments. For example, the isotopic and elemental chemistry of carbonate , whether formed as the shell of an organism or through abiotic chemical reactions, captures a record of the temperature and chemistry of fluid from which it was formed. As such, carbonate chemistry serves as a important proxy for deciphering Earth history. Studies undertaken in my program have developed new analytical methodologies and interpretive approaches which have been applied to several areas of exciting research in the earth sciences. These include: evaluation of secular changes in ocean chemistry over the last billion years; reconstruction of latitudinal thermal gradients during times of global warming; and resolution of intra-annual temperature seasonality for continental settings. The objectives of such studies are significant for these provide constraints on the directions and magnitudes of change and the rates at which at these have occurred in the past. 



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