For 8" Betsy McCall Collectors!
Photo Copyright 2000 by L. Olsavski
Betsy McCall and the "Betsy McCall" Miniature Rose
  • The Purpose of this site is to:
      • Help collectors like me who want to see  pictures of items that were available for the vintage 8" Betsy McCall
      • Illustrate complete outfits and accessories when possible
      • Provide photos for identification since clothes were not tagged
      • Add to your collecting enjoyment and mine! Here's a bit about me
      • All Betsy items shown here have been verified from published sources! 
  • General Information -- Betsy Herself!
  • Photos/descriptions of Original Clothing
  • Identifying original clothing -- Commonly Mistaken Items 

  • Other Accessories

  • Conservation/Repair tips

  • Books, Clubs, and Other Links

  • Information about this site!
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