Dynamical Developments: a conference in
Complex Dynamics and Teichmüller theory

More lodging info:

Room and board for the conference will be at Jacobs University. The price is 60-70 euros per day. One can extend accommodation with full room/board before and after the conference, at the same conditions. The rate is about 60 Euros if you are willing to stay in a single room within a two-room appartment, so that the bathroom is private within the appartment, but shared by the two people living there. If you would rather want a separate everything, it will be 70 Euros (we cannot guarantee we have enough of those).

Getting to Bremen:

The airports we recommend are:
  • Bremen (BRE): very convenient to reach;
  • Hamburg (HAM) and Hanover (HAJ): both are 1.5 hours additional local travel time. Both have a local train directly in the airport terminal that connect to main station in 20 mins, then 1 hour by train. Buy round trip ticket directly to Bremen-Schönebeck, then a single ticket is valid from the airport to the university campus; the ticket should be around 30 Euros one way; trains run twice per hour. Traveling to Hamburg or Hanover makes sense if it saves significant travel time or expense.
  • Frankfurt (FRA) is about 4 hours additional travel time by train (very convenient, once an hour), so this makes sense especially if it saves you an extra flight leg (the direct train from Frankfurt makes more sense than flying from Frankfurt to Hamburg or Hanover and then taking the train).
  • Amsterdam (AMS) is 4-5 hours by train; again, this makes sense if your international flight goes directly to Amsterdam and you do not have to change planes. Trains run at least every 2 hours.

Register for the Conference:

Please use the registration form to sign up for the conference. There is a registration fee of 50 euros which will be collected at the conference.