Graduate Research Opportunities for Women: Practical Info


Oct 26-28, 2018
(Tentative Schedule)
The program begins at 8:30am on Saturday, Oct 27 and it will wrap up no later than 2pm on Sunday, Oct 28. For those participants arriving early enough on Friday, Oct 26, feel free to come to the math department (see the Friday schedule for details!).


East Hall, University of Michigan
Detailed location, directions, travel information


A conference aimed at female-identified undergraduates who might be interested in graduate studies in mathematics.


Speakers: Manjul Bhargava, Jordan Ellenberg, Kristin Lauter, Olivia Walch, Jenny Wilson.
Panelists: Christine Berkesch, Toni Bluher, Stella Gastineau, Teena Gerhardt, Wei Ho, Ruthi Hortsch, Michele Intermont, Patricia Klein, Robin Lassonde, Jeremy Tyson
Allies: Caleb Ashley, Christina Athanasouli, Hanna Bennett, Liliana Borcea, Harry Bray, Karen Butt, Lizbee Collins-Wildman, Jessica Fintzen, Karthik Ganapathy, Francesca Gandini, Evangelia Gazaki, Jonathan Gerhard, Mark Greenfield, Eloisa Grifo, Zachary Hamaker, Alana Huszar, Autumn Kent, Chloe Marie Lewis, Meera Mainkar, Christiana Mavroyiakoumou, Reshma Menon, Kristen Moore, Swaraj Sridhar Pande, Oliver Pechenik, Jasmine Powell, Amy Prager, Sanal Shivaprasad, Abby Stewart, Danika Keala Vanniel, Yinan Wang, Yuxin Wang, Anna Weigandt, Becca Winarski, Shira Zerbib
Organizers: Mel Hochster, Sarah Koch, Karen Smith
We are grateful to Michigan undergraduates in WIM and Michigan graduate students in AWM for helping us with GROW.


Supported by a combination of funds from Northwestern University, the University of Michigan, and the National Science Foundation.


Please email Sarah Koch.

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