ha3gagan 3i,o.ov;ivnnyrs


If the above looks like jibberish to you, get some fonts.


And here is more information about Armenian langauge use on computers.

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This is Armenia... if you'd like to see more maps of Armenia, click here.




This is Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.


This is my journal.


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Simon's pictures!


More stuff that could interest you --

The two most important Armenia-related web pages:

Groong, Armenian News Network


And here's some other stuff --

Armenian Fonts, collected by me.

Some maps of Armenia

Are you a true blue Armenian? I'm not... but I still like this test.

Gu q0sik aryvmidian ha3aryn

Ani on learning Eastern Armenian after knowing Western Armenian

Some useful transliterated phrases

Dictionary On-Line! (hint: Check this out before using the dictionary)

I LOVE this- a great journalistic perspective on Armenian living

Someone else's Armenian Journal- same places, same idea- 2 years before makes a big difference

Another Armenia Journal

Another cool journal

Travel Advice

More travel info

Some familiar images!


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