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Noyan Tapan and AIDS

December 14, BBC: Skepticism over AIDS "Cure"

December 14 ONLY: Listen to the BBC Report on Armenicum!

 July 27, Noyan Tapan: Armenia facing bigger HIV and AIDS problem than official figures suggest

July 27, Noyan Tapan: Number of HIV Cases in Armenia Exceeds Official Data

August 26, RFE/RL: AIDS Continues To Spread In Armenia

September 8, Armenpress: Nikolay Kolesnikov Dies in Kaliningrad

September 9, Armenian TV: Nikolay Kolesnikov is Alive

September 9, Mediamax: Kolesnikov Talks About His Death Rumor

October 18, Noyan Tapan: Kolesnikov's Health is Good

October 27, Snark: Opinion Poll Shows Armenians Vulnerable to HIV

November 11, Snark: Gabrielian says Armenicum Guarantees Quality of Life

November 30, Noyan Tapan: New Cases of AIDS Reported in Armenia

December 3, Snark: World AIDS Day in Armenia

December 4, Snark: Armenia Treating AIDS Patients

December 4, Snark: Armenicum to be Registered in Ukraine

December 5, Armenpress: New Order for Examining Drug Quality Introduced

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