I am a professor of Science Education in the School of Education at the University of Michigan and a member of the Center for Highly Interactive Computing in Education.

My work during the past ten years has focused on working with teachers in science classrooms to bring about sustained change. Working closely with my colleagues at Michigan, graduate students, and teachers, I have endeavored to create classrooms that focus on students collaborating to find solutions to important intellectual questions that subsume essential curriculum standards and use new technologies as productivity tools.

My goal is to create classrooms environments where students are actively doing the intellectual work. My working prediction is that such educational environments will help learners develop deep understanding of content as well as strategies for generating new understandings. As such, I'm interested in finding out what students learn in such environments. My interestes also include exploring the challenges that teachers face in enacting such complex instruction. My work is collaborative in nature, involving close working relationships with science teachers and school systems.