Presentations at the 2006 Baltimore NSTA Conference, November 3, 2006

Featured Presentation: Supporting students in scientific inquiry without sacrificing the science content. (PDF version)

Presentation: Forward Thinking: Backward Design (PD version)

Papers presented at the NARST Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA. April 6 - 10, 2002.

Comparison of Modeling Practices of Experts and Novice Learners Using a Dynamic, Learner-centered Modeling Tool. ( Paper PDF , Appendix ) BaoHui Zhang, Hsin-Kai Wu, Eric B. Fretz, Joseph S. Krajcik, Ron Marx, Elizabeth A. Davis, School of Education, University of Michigan & Elliot Soloway, College of Engineering, University of Michigan.

Papers presented at the NARST Annual Meeting, St. Louis, Missouri, March 26 - 28, 2001.

An Investigation of Scaffolding Design and Use in a Dynamic Modeling Tool. ( Paper PDF , Appendix A and B PDF , Appendix C PDF , Appendix D PDF ) Eric B. Fretz, Baohui Zhang, Hsin-Kai Wu, Joseph S. Krajcik, and Elliot Soloway, University of Michigan.

Urban Schools Teachers Enacting Project-Based Science. ( Paper PDF ) Revital T. Tal, Technion- Israel Institute of Technology; Joseph S. Krajcik, and Phyllis C. Blumenfeld, University of Michigan.

Exploring Middle School Students' Modeling Process and Cognitive Strategies When Using a Computational Modeling Tool. ( Paper PDF , Figure PDF ) Baohui Zhang, Hsin-Kai Wu, Eric B. Fretz, Joseph S. Krajcik, and Elliot Soloway, University of Michigan

A Case Study of the Development of a Design-Based Science Curriculum. ( Paper PDF ). Rachel Mamlok, Weizmann Institute of Science; R. Charles Dershimer, DavidFortus, Joseph Krajcik, and Ron Marx, University of Michigan.

Using Innovative Learning Technologies to Promote Learning and Engagement in an Urban Science Classroom. ( Paper PDF ) Barbara Hug, Joseph S. Krajcik, and Ronald W. Marx, University of Michigan.

Fostering teacher learning in systemic reform: Linking professional development to teacher and student learning. ( Paper PDF ) Fishman, B., Best, S., & Marx, R.

The empirical base for professional development in science education: Moving beyond volunteers. ( Paper PDF ) Bobrowsky, W., Marx, R., & Fishman, B.

Papers presented at the AERA Meeting, Spring, 2000

Urban Students' Motivation, Collaboration, and Thoughtfulness During Science Inquiry (PDF) by Helen Patrick, Michael J. Middleton, & Cynthia Taines

Types and sources of academic press in middle school science classrooms (PDF) by Michael J. Middleton from George Mason University and Phyllis Blumenfeld from University of Michigan

Inquiry based science supported by technology:Achievement among urban middle school students (PDF) by Joseph Krajcik, Ron Marx, Phyllis Blumenfeld,Elliot Soloway, Barry Fishman

The Role of Educative Curriculum Materials in Reforming Science Education (PDF) by Rebecca M Schneider and Joseph Krajcik

Observations of Urban Middle School Students engaged in technology-supported inquiry (PDF) by Cynthia Taines, Rebecca Schneider, Phyllis C. Blumenfeld

Urban students' beliefs about science in an inquiry-based classrooms (PDF) by Tali Tal, Robert Geier, Joseph Krajcik

Papers presented at the NARST Annual Meeting, Spring, 2000

Using Technology to Support the Development of Conceptual Understanding of Chemical Representations (PDF) by Hsin-kai Wu, Joseph S. Krajcik, Elliot Soloway

Curriculum Revision as a Research Activity: Using Classrooms to Improve Curriculum (PDF) by Rebecca Schneider & Ann Rivet

Designing curriculum to meet national standards (PDF) by Jon Singer, Ronald W. Marx, and Joseph Krajcik, University of Michigan and Juanita Clay Chambers, Detroit Public Schools

Reforming Science Education through University and School District Collaborations (PDF) by Joseph Krajcik, Ron Marx, Phyllis Blumenfeld, Elliot Soloway, Barry Fishman

Fostering Teacher Learning in Systemic Reform:A Design Proposal for Developing Professional Development (PDF) by Barry Fishman, Steven Best, Jacob Foster, & Ron Marx

Papers presented at the AETS conference, Winter 2000

Inquiry Project in Urban Middle Schools: Lessons Learned pdf file

Using Presentations to Assess Extended Inquiry Projects: pdf file

Papers for ED 737, Winter 2000

Instructional, Curricular, and Technological Supports for Inquiry in Science Classrooms: pdf file

Inquiry Project in Urban Middle Schools: Lessons Learned pdf file