Hunting Laws & Limits

Hunting Requirements

Hunting by Non-Members is subject to the following requirements and conditions: Guide Names and Number (Area code is 519) Upon contracting any of these guides, they can look after your requirements and supply and further informatiion needed such as available dates, guiding fee, etc. (There are more hunters available but I'm still updating this list)

Fishing Requirements

more information to be posted...

Boat Anchorage Permit

May 1st of 1999 was the first day that recreational boaters would now need a 100 dollar (canadian) seasonal permit. This would allow them to moor boats, swim and to water ski on the Walpole Island Reserve's Waters. If your not planning on doing any of the three aforementioned activites then don't sweat don't need one. If you're just gonna go to Chatham, Wallaceburg or vice versa to Detroit or Port Huron then as long as you don't anchor then you WILL NOT be asked for one...please also note that all PERSONAL WATERCRAFT are banned from the Walpole Waters for liability reasons....hope that helps...
If I have left your name /number off contact me at my moms 627 4593 and I will be more than happy to add you to this list
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