This picture of Pottawatomi Island has the Old Pottawatomi Council Hall (left)with the United Church (right) directly across from it. The only things that remain from this 1930's picture are the bridge that crosses Pottawatomi Dredge and the big , old oak tree beside the road.

This is/was north looking on Chief's Rd across from Pottawatomi Island United.

This is a neat old picture of tourism at its finest.

Across from the Band office

A post date of 1910
Unknown cottages back in the day

Ah yes, nothing beats a little blazing star like that from Pottawatomi prairie...

Here is a picture of the Anglican Church and Hall circa 1919

Another picture of the same but circa 1923

Another View
Present day
Across from St. John's is the Senior's building

Here is a spoon that my sister owns.. ...its pretty cool huh!

Unknown year

Walpole Indians in Algonac 1951

Unknown date...
Picture of unknown basketmakers 1910
Public Docks...upfront and back in the day
Indian School..Walpole Island
Indian Band 1916
Indian Band ..again
White's Old Trade Post
Unknown year.jpg">
1968 Hunting Permit
Old Wallaceburg
Up Front School
Old Driveway-unknown
War Dancers
Old Steamer
Alex Bird
Anglican Church
Indians in Algonac
Old Band

Undated/unknown walpole baby
1912 view
Old lakefront view
Old Algonac-Walpole Ferry