Information on Biostatistics 510 for 2009

General Handouts can be found here:

  • syllabus_2009.doc The course syllabus gives information on topics to be covered, homework assignments, and the final project.
  • Import_Excel.doc This document gives step-by-step instructions on how to set up an Excel file for use with a statistical package and how to import the file into SAS.
  • save_sasgraphs.doc This document gives instructions on how to save/export graphs created in the SAS/GRAPH window using SAS 9.1 or 9.2 and how to save graphs created using Statistical Graphics Procedures in SAS 9.2. These graphs can be easily imported into a Microsoft Word document or a Power Point presentation.
  • baseball.sas7bdat This SAS dataset is used for the example on saving SAS/Graph files above. To use this file, single-click on it, and save it to a folder on your desktop (the folder should preferably be called MYLIB).
  • This little SAS command file contains a line of code that will make your SAS output look good when printed from any computer (it will get rid of the funky-looking little row, such as fffff for a line in the output for tables, etc.) whether you have SAS installed on that computer or not. Submit this line of code at the beginning of your SAS session whenever you run SAS.
  • SAS_Functions.doc This document gives a listing of SAS functions from SAS release 8.2.
  • In-Class handouts for 2009 can be found here.
  • Click here to get In-Class Handouts for 2009.

  • Homework assignments for 2009 can be found here.
  • Click here to get to the homework assignments for 2009.

  • Data sets and commands that accompany the Course Pack can be found here: Documentation for these data sets, including information on the variables, the variable types, and variable codes can be found in Chapter 27, page 174, of the Course Pack.

  • Archive containing raw data sets, Excel file, tab-delimited data, comma separated values (.csv) files, and SPSS portable files that may be read into SAS.
  • Archive containing SAS commands that go along with each chapter in the course pack.
  • SAS version 6 data sets (.sd2)
  • SAS version 8/9 data sets (.sas7bdat and .sd7)