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An international conference on the topic of "Gay Shame"
will take place at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor on
March 27-29, 2003. The conference will bring together nearly
fifty scholars, critics, writers, activists, archivists, students,
journalists, and artists for two and a half days of public
discussion, documentation, and performance.

The purpose of the conference is to inquire into various
aspects of lesbian and gay male sexuality, history, and
culture that "gay pride" has had the effect of suppressing.
The conference intends to confront the shame that lesbians,
gay men, and "queers" of all sorts still experience in society;
to explore the transformative impulses that spring from such experiences of shame; and to ask what affirmative uses can
be made of these residual experiences of shame now that
not all gay people are condemned to live in shame.

The theme of the conference responds to recent celebrations
of "Gay Shame" in cities across the US, Canada, and Europe, celebrations that often criticize contemporary gay politics
and challenge current definitions and practices of "gay pride."


Gay Shame Conference Schedule

No Registration Necessary; All Events Are Free and Open to the Public

Thursday, March 27

All events will be held in Auditorium A of Angell Hall, 435 S. State Street,
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

7:30               Opening Remarks by Valerie Traub.
                     Screening: Andy Warhol, Screen Test #2 (70 minutes,                      introduced by Douglas Crimp).

9:00               Performance: Vaginal Davis, "Intimacy & Tommorow"

Friday, March 28

All events will be held in the Anderson Room, Michigan Union, 530 S.
State Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109
9:00 onward    Breakfast available

10:00-10:30    Introductory remarks by David Halperin and Nadine Hubbs:
                     Why Gay Shame Now?

10:30-12:00    Discussion of Douglas Crimp, "Mario Montez, For Shame":                      Elisabeth Ladenson, discussant and facilitator; Douglas
                     Crimp, respondent

     Lunch (provided for conference members only).

1:00-2:00       Gay Shame Activism: Stephen Kent Jusick, Oakie
                     Treadwell, Mattilda (aka Matt Bernstein Sycamore);
                     Matthew Johnson, chair

2:00-3:30       Fuck Activism?: Emily Crandall, Judith Halberstam, Judith
                     Roof, Jaime Hovey, Dennis Allen; Emily Crandall, chair

3:30-4:00       Break (coffee and tea provided for all).

4:00-5:30       Porn & Publicity, Sex & Shame: Ellis Hanson, Amalia Ziv,
                     Samuel R. Delany; Jennifer Moon, chair

5:30-6:30       Response & Roundtable Discussion: Leo Bersani, Patrick
                     Moore, Jennifer Moon, Michael Warner, Mark Simpson;
                     Carolyn Dinshaw, respondent and chair

Saturday, March 29

All events will be held in the Pendleton Room, Michigan Union, 530 S.
State Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109

9:00 onward    Breakfast available

10:00-12:00    Queer/Disabled Shame: Terry Galloway, Robert McRuer,
                     Daphne Scholinski, Abby Wilkerson; McRuer and
                     Wilkerson, chairs; Tobin Siebers, respondent

12:00-1:00      Lunch (provided for conference members only).

1:00-2:00       The Shame of Queer History/Queer Histories of Shame:  
                     Deborah Gould, Heather Love; Helmut Puff, chair

2:00-3:30       Response and Roundtable Discussion: Esther Newton,
                     Adela Pinch, Carroll Smith-Rosenberg, Martha Vicinus;
                     George Chauncey, respondent and chair

      Break (coffee and tea provided for all).

4:00-6:30       Final Discussion: Barry Adam, Anne Herrmann, Holly
                     Hughes, Joan Lipkin, Hiram Perez; Gayle Rubin, chair

8:00               Performance: Holly Hughes, "After a Fashion," Trueblood                      Theatre, located on the 2nd floor of the Frieze Building,
                     105 S. State Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109. (Tickets
                     must be ordered from University Productions by March
                     14. To order call: 734-764-2538)

10:00             Shameless Dance Party for the Whole Community: DJ
                     Gayle Rubin will be spinning shamelessly retro queer
                     dance music.  Location: The Heidelberg, 215 N. Main,
                     Ann Arbor, MI 48109. Tel: 734-663-7758.  
                     Visit them at:


                                "Shamefully Gay"

A special exhibition consisting of selected materials from the Labadie
Collection at the University of Michigan Libraries

North Lobby
Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library
March 20 - April 30

Curated by Tim Retzloff and Julie Herrada, with the support of the
Lavender Information and Library Association

Visit the Labadie Collection Online


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For further information,
contact David Halperin ( or Valerie Traub (  For lodging and hotel information and/or general
conference inquiries, contact Suraj Patel (

Conference Participants

Barry D. Adam
Dennis Allen 
Leo Bersani
George Chauncey
Emily Crandall
Douglas Crimp
Vaginal Davis
Samuel R. Delany
Carolyn Dinshaw
Terry Galloway
Deborah Gould
Judith Halberstam
David Halperin
Ellis Hanson
Julie Herrada

Anne Herrmann
Jamie Hovey
Nadine Hubbs
Holly Hughes
Matthew Johnson
Stephen Kent Jusick
Elisabeth Ladenson
Joan Lipkin
Heather Love
Jennifer Moon
Patrick Moore
Robert McRuer
Esther Newton
Hiram Perez
Adela Pinch
Helmut Puff
Tim Retzloff
Judith Roof
Gayle Rubin
Daphne Scholinski
Tobin Siebers
Mark Simpson
C. Smith-Rosenberg
Valerie Traub
Martha Vicinus
Michael Warner
Abby Wilkerson
Amalia Ziv

More Information on the Participants

Sponsors of the Conference from
the University of Michigan

The Institute for
the Humanities

The Institute for Research on
Women and Gender

The Lesbian-Gay-Queer Research Initiative

The College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

Office of the
Vice President
for Research

Associate Dean
for Interdisciplinary Initiatives at the Rackham Graduate School

The Department of English Language and Literature

The Program in Comparative Literature

The Program in Women Studies

The Department of Romance Language and Literatures