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Other Net Resources

zebrathree - a general S&H e-mail list.
Write to Robin Kwong to sign up.

Black Bean Soup - an e-newsletter
Send Snow Bears a note to subscribe

Topanga - the mailing list for The David Soul Appreciation Club


The Sony Page - the official site, selling T-shirts and stuff
TV Tieins - a book for all you classic TV stuff collectors!
The Japanese S&H Page - a cool fan site with lots of pictures!
Tooki's Page - pics and (soon!) sounds
ZebraCon - the S&H convention
Ultimate TV - the entry for the show
Character Guide
Everything I ever needed to know...
The Sound Connection - Need the theme song? It's on one of the novelty songs collections available here
The Stars
The David Soul Appreciation Club
Robin's TV Page - find your favorite guys in other roles
Carstars- for Torino fans only!
Fairlane Club - an article on the cars with specs and stuff
Michael Delano
Sound and Pix
There is a 1.3 Mb .mov file on this page, but the page is in french and I've been unable to download and run it.
Soul Music
Living (!?!) Dolls!
Kindred Souls
Starsky & Jeff
Media Fan E-Mail Directory

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