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Learning Mathematics for Teaching Project
What is LMT?
Our project investigates the mathematical knowledge needed for teaching. These measures include items that reflect the real mathematics tasks teachers face in classrooms - for instance, assessing student work, representing numbers and operations, and explaining common mathematical rules or procedures. Assessments composed of these problems can be used to measure the effectiveness of mathematics-focused professional development.
What does LMT offer research projects?
We offer research projects the opportunity to use our measures. To assist in this process, we offer training, technical materials, and and online administration system.
What does LMT not do?
LMT measures cannot be used for hiring, promotion, pay, or tenure. Our measures are not designed to make highly accurate statements about individuals' mathematical knowledge. Instead, they can be used to compare groups of teachers' mathematical knowledge, or examine how a group of teachers' knowledge develops over time.

With only a few exceptions, LMT cannot participate in study design or data analysis. We also do not directly provide professional development to teachers or schools. Contact Geoffrey Phelps, now at the Educational Testing Service, for more information gphelps@ets.org
How do I get access to and administer the LMT measures?
There are two ways to administer the LMT measures: by using pencil-and-paper forms and/or by using the online Teacher Knowledge Assessment System (TKAS). For both administration formats, you will need to go through three required training modules in TKAS system. The system then grants you access to both the pencil-and-paper forms and to the online assessment interface. To request access to the training or online system, see below, under cost.
Is there a cost?
Our original work was funded by the National Science Foundation. Since funding ended, we have instituted changes for both training ($150) and administration ($500 per year). The revenue from these charges allows us to provide support to users, to update software, and to purchase server space. Waivers of cost are available for those who qualify. Information about the waivers is available here.

To request access to the training, complete the application. Prior to being approved for training, you must also complete either the agreement to be invoiced for the cost of the training or the waiver fee form.
How can I get answers to questions not covered here?
Please see the "Frequently asked questions" tab for more information. If your question is not covered, please contact Merrie Blunk at mblunk@umich.edu or (734) 615-7632.
This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0335411. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.