Leonard M. Sander

Emeritus Professor of Physics and Complex Systems, The University of Michigan


Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley.

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Research in statistical physics far from equilibrium:

Equilibrium Statistical Physics

This textbook on statistical physics can be purchased on Amazon. The website for the book, including the table of contents, sample chapters, and downloadable Python programs is here.

This book is intended primarily as a graduate textbook for students of Physics. It can also serve as a reference for interested students and researchers.

The book is based a point of view which is quite different from most texts in the field: the author is persuaded that the best way to learn this subject is to do hands-on computer simulations as part of learning the subject. Accordingly, computer algorithms are integrated in the book as exercises, and computer results in the text.

Physics Today talks about this book and self-publishing in the November 2013 issue.

Advanced Condensed Matter Physics

This textbook for graduate courses in condensed matter physics can be previewed here.

This text includes coverage of important topics that are not commonly featured in other textbooks on condensed matter physics; these include surfaces, the quantum Hall effect and superfluidity. The author avoids complex formalism, such as Green's functions, which can obscure the underlying physics, and instead emphasizes fundamental physical reasoning. This text is intended for classroom use, so it features plenty of references and extensive problems for solution based on the author's many years of teaching in the Physics Department at the University of Michigan. This textbook is ideal for physics graduates as well as students in chemistry and engineering; it can equally serve as a reference for research students in condensed matter physics. Engineering students in particular, will find the treatment of the fundamentals of semiconductor devices and the optics of solids of particular interest.


Instructors and students: If you find typos in the book, or have comments, let me know by email.

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