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Jeanne Mackey

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Home to the River of Love
by the Chants for Peace Project








Cover art by Joyce Heart

"Home to the River of Love." consists of 30 simple, rhythmic chants, with accompaniment on harp, flute, percussion, guitar, and sitar.  The album was recorded in Ann Arbor, Michigan, by the Chants for Peace Project, a group of 22 singers and instrumentalists.

We chose chants that are easy to learn, that lift the spirit and bring a sense of hope and connection. Singing together about peace, community, and the natural world is an antidote to all the fear and anger in the air these days.

The recording took place in a beautifully resonant sanctuary shared by a Jewish and an Episcopal congregation here in Ann Arbor. It was a wonderful mix of experienced and novice singers, united by our desire to 'be the change' we wish to see in the world, as Gandhi said.  

The album is no longer for sale, but you can listen to the tracks and download for free on our Soundcloud channel or below. Here are lyrics and credits (pdf).



Chants for Peace Project


Home to the River of  Love




Jeanne Mackey


Leigh Daniels


Jeanne Mackey (Director), Don Allen,Rhonda Bantsimba, Lisa Marshall Bashert, Pattie Boettger, Laura Bollettino, Michael Bratcher, Rosemary Caruso, Craig Kukuk, Laura Massaro, A.T. Miller, Kathy Moore, Dale Petty, Stacey Pomranky, Pattie Postel, Alison Rene, Terry Richards, Helen Slomovits, Ayron Smith-Douglas, Linda Teaman, Tom Voiles, Mary Wilson,  Wasentha Young

Track list

  1.   Standing Like a Tree

2.   All is Well

3.   Surrender

4.   River of Love

5.   Doors Closing, Doors Opening

6.   I Hear the Voices of the Grandmothers:

7.   Good Friend

8.   The Ancestor Song

9.   Welcome Song

10. I Can Feel the Rhythm of My Heartbeat

11. Free the Heart

12. Peace, Salaam, Shalom

13. Can't Kill the Spirit

14. Spirits of the Land

15. Blood of the Ancients 

16. Sending You Light

17. Eyes of Light

18. River Sounds:

19. Way to the Well

20. Original Birth

21. I Heal You

22. Everything Will Be All Right

23. Gratitude

24. If We Fall Apart

25. Solstice Round

26. Cherokee Morning Song

27. The Way of the Heart

28. Light is Returning

29. Weave and Spin

30. The Ocean Refuses No River



Chants for Peace Project

Catalog #


Studio/Live Performance

Recorded at Temple Beth Emeth/St. Clare of Assisi Episcopal Church, Ann Arbor, MI, 2005.