Devlin Mallory

office: East Hall 3848

I'm a graduate student in the math department at the University of Michigan, studying algebraic geometry and commutative algebra,
particularly the application of arc schemes to the study of birational geometry and singularities. More recently, I've been thinking about positivity properties of tangent bundles of Fano manifolds in relation to differential properties of their section rings. My adviser is Mircea Mustaţă

You can find my CV here.

Next year, I will be a postdoc at the University of Utah.


  • Bigness of the tangent bundle of del Pezzo surfaces and D-simplicity. To appear in Algebra & Number Theory. arXiv:2002.11010
  • Minimal log discrepancies of determinantal varieties via jet schemes. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 225.2, 106497. arXiv:1905.05379
  • Triviality of arc closures and the local isomorphism problem, Journal of Algebra 544 (2020), 47–61. arXiv:1811.12577
  • Expository writing

  • Motivic integration (Summer 2019; under construction!)
  • Hilbert schemes of points (Summer 2018)
  • Algebraic surfaces (Spring 2017)
  • Teaching

    Summer 2021 minicourses

    Each summer, the math department has a series of minicourses taught by graduate students. I'm organizing the 2021 summer minicourses; for more information, see the webpage.

    I also organized the 2020, 2019, and 2018 minicourses.  

    Singularities reading group

    Over the 2018–2019 academic year, I organized a seminar on singularities in algebraic geometry and commutative algebra. Notes from the Fall semester can be found here, and from the Winter semester here; any mistakes are my own.