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Apart from my research interests, logic and foundations of mathematics are of interest to me. Outside of mathematics, I am most interested in science, both the basics and current advancements. I have a casual interest in philosophy (particularly the philosophy of science). I also casually play the cello just for fun. Lately, I have been trying to gain some modest proficiency in programming, and learn a bit more about applied and computational mathematics, both out of pure interest and to advance the skills necessary for my work in quantitative finance. Some broader issues important to me are equality and inclusiveness in academia and the STEM community, and mathematics education, especially with regards to showing wider audiences what (non-applied) mathematics is really about. I have given several talks about topology to general audiences, including at The Mind Museum in Manila, Philippines. I also spoke about n-dimensional donuts at the Kalamazoo College math colloquium. On a lighter note, I absolutely love dogs.