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In Winter 2021, my final semester at the University of Michigan, I am serving as a (virtual) lecturer for two sections of EECS 203, Discrete Math in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department. This is a foundational course covering a broad collection of mathematical topics for computer science, including logic, set theory, combinatorics, probability, algorithms, and number theory. In the past I have taught Calculus I, II, and a computer lab for Calculus III, as well as served as an assistant for topology. See below for details.

I previously served as the founding manager for the Laboratory of Geometry at Michigan, LOG(M). Small teams of motivated undergraduates are set up with a grad student and a postdoc in order to learn more about some interesting topics in geometry and related areas, and create some nice visualizations of the concepts. To learn more, visit the LOG(M) website!

I have mentored several projects for LOG(M), in Winter 2017, Winter 2018, and Fall 2018. My last project was about Polyhedral Finsler Metrics. I wrote several worksheets throughout the semester for this project, and they are available here.

Past Teaching at U of M

Fall 2015 Math 115: Calculus I (Primary Instructor)
Winter 2016 Math 215: Calculus III (Mathematica Lab Instructor)
Fall 2017 Math 490: Introduction to Topology (Course Assistant)
Winter 2018 Math 592: Introduction to Algebraic Topology (Grader)
Fall 2018 Math 116: Calculus II (Primary Instructor)
Winter 2019 Math 116: Calculus II (Primary Instructor)
Fall 2020 EECS 203: Discrete Math (Primary Instructor)

Past Teaching at Caltech

Summer 2013, 2014 Math 0: Transition to Mathematical Proofs (Teaching Assistant; Lead TA in 2014)
Spring 2014, 2015 IST 4: Information and Logic (Teaching Assistant)