The World Wide Web: the beginning and now

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The term "World Wide Web" has become as common as the term "telephone" in many of our lives today. The medium of the World Wide Web has allowed users to share documents, images and information, purchase one's favorite book or compact disc, and even buy, trade or sell one's favorite stocks with the few simple clicks of a mouse. For many, it has simplified life, and for others it has made life even more complicated.

However, while engaging in the abyss of the Web, many do not know how the World Wide Web works, how it came to exist, or why it came to exist. The purpose of this project is to inform visitors on the history of the World Wide Web: the people who made it possible, the ideas that made it possible, and the technologies that made it possible.

For the World Wide Web to exist as it does today, a number of interdependent innovations were required. Although many of the theoretical ideas behind the Web existed decades prior to its birth, its emergence was dependent upon the development of necessary supporting technologies.


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