The Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics announces:

Dynamics of Cancer: Modeling and Experiment

9 May - 13 May, 2005

335 West Hall ~ 1085 South University Ave.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

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Guests are welcome. There is no conference fee

The recent explosion in the understanding of the strongly linked, multiple-scale processes that determine the advancement of cancer has given rise to new and useful mathematical models of tumor development.

The meeting will facilitate communication between modelers and experimentalists. It is a specialized, one-week workshop focusing on approaches to the mechanisms of tumor initiation and progression.

Conference themes will include Angiogenesis, Microcirculation, Invasion, and Metastasis

Partial list of invited speakers:

Michael Berens
Helen Byrne
Antonio Chiocca
Thomas Deisboeck
L. G. de Pillis
Avner Friedman
Howard Levine
John Lowengrub
Philip Maini
Jacques Nor
Luigi Preziosi
Brian Sleeman
Kristin Swanson
David Weitz

For information:

Conference organizers:
Trachette Jackson, Mathematics
Leonard M. Sander, Physics
University of Michigan