Megiddo Project - Artists for Peace
Our proposal is to begin an exhibit of arts for peace on the site of Megiddo. We would invite works from around the world as well as from local artists in a way to touch with light and spirit the dark specter of Armageddon.

As a part of this process, we would be seeking the involvement of the surrounding communities.

Often the political eye alone is too narrow, defeatists, cynical, simple-minded, crossed either/or, win/lose, devoid of imagination, without inspiration, hopeless.

We seek to broaden political understanding. Art we believe is a way of educating vision. Beauty, we propose, is a test of truth needed now.

We invite artists to ally with this Megiddo initiative to help shape a collective eye for beauty, both seeing the horror life has experienced and seeing the promise of what could be. Contributing existing pieces and conceiving new ones for an exhibition at Megiddo. Open to all the tourists and pilgrims that come by this archeological site.

This exhibit could become a traveling or circulating exhibit, carrying outreach from this project to other places in the world where healing is needed. Each contribution would be a piece of the peace that is needed, patchworking the different elements until we make whole the vision of a world at peace.

The eye of beauty exhibit would be one way creative workers, artisans, artists could contribute part of the vision needed to assemble on our way to the new age and a new way of seeing.

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