Megiddo Project Description 

Armageddon is, in the West, symbolic of the the war that ends all wars. of a terrible battle, a nuclear holocaust...

The hill (har) of Megiddo is the place described in the Bible as Armageddon.

We plan to create an International Art for Peace Festival in Galilee projected to develop over a four year period in the month of April for one or two weeks around Earth Day (April 22) on the site of Megiddo. The themes will be: "Transforming Armageddon, Swords into Plowshares" and "A Turning of Hearts" (from the last words of the last Jewish prophet)


Megiddo is located in northern Israel, at the crossing of the Haifa-Jenin road and Hedera-Afula road. It is an archeological tel, (Israel National Park Authority ) next to Kibbutz Megiddo and Umm el Fahm (second biggest arab israeli town). The tel dominates the valley of Jezreel. At the crossroad also is the Megiddo prison. Nearby the Mayaan Harod National Park (spring of Gideon) is a large camping and outdoor theater which sits 7,000 people, about 15 miles from Megiddo.


The world is already engaged in an Armageddon of sorts: 47 or so wars around the planet, the degradation of the environment, the cutting of the last old forests, the poverty which affects much of the world's population, the debts, the violence, the diseases.....the ongoing loss of many thousands of animal and plant species. Now is the time to begin global peacemaking.

People long to see peace and justice in their communities.

But we are isolated, disconnected, divided by nationalisms, at a time when many of our cities are becoming "global villages."

Wars and other crises need to be seen wholistically as part of a "war system". We need to reconnect what has been disconnected. 


Artistic Objectives

To create a social cultural atmosphere of "peace culture" at a symbolic meeting place, in the Galilee region where peace teaching has deep roots, conducive to undertaking an international peace conference, addressing all outstanding wars and related questions.

To encourage the creation and exhibition of artistic visions for peace.

To produce a benefit concert, annually, affirming the call, for a "turning of hearts". 

Intellectual/Political Objectives

To educate invited guests, and especially, Israeli Jewish and Arab youth on approaches to international peacemaking, using the resources of local existing peace groups, universities, institutes.

To bring universalist perspectives to particular struggles; and integrate specific struggles into a planetary understanding. Develop a way of looking at wars as part of a global war system in which common questions need to be put on the table and resolved.

To look at approaches developed by the local Non Governmental Organizations' responding to local needs, considering as many different war situations as we can include. 

Organizational Objectives

To enhance the Israeli and Palestinian peace movements, and foster justice and security for all people in the region.

To connect peace movements internationally.

To strenghten exchanges and communications between the people of Israel /Palestine, and the people of Ann Arbor (Michigan), Berkeley (California), and other participating towns. To stimulate local followup meetings in participating communities. 

Specific Plan

At Megiddo: to realize this year

April 22 to 25, 2000, focusing on Earth Day, April 22 
  1. Gather at  a wooden peace pole with: "May Peace Prevail on Earth" in four languages, planted on the site by  the Megiddo Project/Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.
  2. Interfaith prayers/ meditations for peace facilitated by Jews, Muslims, Christians, and people from other traditions and sources Buddhists, Hindus, Baha'is, Native Americans.
  3. Art for Peace: Beginning of bringing visons of Peace from the youth in the area, and Art work/Posters from around the world, art on the spot, improvised theater.
  4. Organize a team on the ground for co-ordination, fundraising, beginning planning the 2001 program.
  5. Teachings from the stones: an interpretative, exploratory tour. There are 20 different strata excavated at Megiddo from the Chalcolitic period (3100 B.C.E.) to the Persian period (332 B.C.E.) The stones themselves teach us about human vanity, of powers that came and went, and of wars...past, present and around the world.
    • At the City's Gate (18 century B.C.) we will meditate on the question of security,state, the nation military buget killing us?
    • From the Columns of a building of Salomon's time (970-930 B.C.) the question of land sharing comes to mind, overlooking the contested valley and the "green line." Salomon's wisdom taught about who was the rightful mother of one live child: the land being "our mother "can two or many children share the land together? where is the wisdom of the day?
    • In the "Water Tunnel" we could ponder on the question of the lack of water and how to conserve and share it.
    • Near the "Tomb of Royalty" we will think about the question of privileges. Would the powerful and rich people relinquish their privileges for the benefit of the many, or put these privileges at the service of the poor?.....would we?
    • The "High Place" from canaanite times makes us think of the cost of human sacrifices, and about patriarchy that replaced the old religion, and what would be a new social contract around caring nuturing and democratic empowerment.
    • The Grain Silo: the question of food; now that we have the resources to feed everyone in the world, how can we share and use them to enhance life on our planet.

Specific plan to realize this year: in our home town

  1. To initiate a town meeting, to consider the wars at home, the relation of our community to the global war system, and the peace and justice programs people are advancing.

Possible Plans for the next  year, 2001

Involve local youth through cooperation with other organizations, as an example: 
  • On site art activities with the help of Givat Haviva, and local Israeli artists.
  • Path of Peace, exhibit developed by L'Appel des Cents, from the French peace movement to teach peace.
  • Seeds of Peace, youth meeting to learn from each others /North America.
  • Peace Camps and the Leadership Instititute developed by the Women International league for Peace and Freedom.
  • Teach Peace: by Neve Shalom-Wahat Al Salam "school of peace" and by the Association of Mediterranean Women.
  • U.N. work explained to youth per different video tapes by the World Center for Peace, Human Rights and Liberty, Verdun France.
  • Create an art exhibit called: "Visions of Peace" centered around a table for peace, tent of meeting, chairs, and necessary furnishings for a peace meeting, made by contributing artists from many different countries.
Other possible examples: Art for Peace exhibit/from the Jerusalem Link (Jerusalem) or from France, Le movement de la Paix (Paris) and L'appel des Cents, (Lyon), Posters from Beijing: Fourth World Women Conference, Swords into Plowshears Gallery (Detroit), Peace Museum, (Chicago). 
  • Organize multigenerational inter-cultural events: concerts, music, poems sensitive to diverse local traditions bringing together Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews; Irish, Ethiopian, Russian, North African, Chilian, Chinese, Indian, American and Israeli Jews and Arabs and Palestinians, along with others International guests.
  • Organize a women's march and rituals
  • The women would have a women's council and peace camp on top of Mount Tabor; then march across the valley of Jezreel to the "high place" at the Megiddo site. The rituals would express and foster evolution from a patriarchal culture to one of partnership between men and women which supports the values of caring, nuturing, equity and democratic decision making.
  • Convene a delegation of medical personnel to envision the construction of medical facilities for peace specially focused towards treating people previously injured in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
  • Convene a forum of people coming from the many different wars and milltarized conflicts around the world: Columbia, Algeria, Burundi, Rwanda, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Kashmir, Chiapas, Iraq, Cuba, Cosovo, Guatemala, Philipinnes, Burma, Indonesia, Turkey...around common questions and specific directions towards a just peace.
  • Organize an international conference of discussions on the themes of sharing lands and water, security, patriarchy, privileges, destructive consumerism, local/global economy, "eco-logic", sustainable (if it can be) development, co-operative economies. The building of a proactive society to enhance all life on our planet.
  • Raise money through an annual Benefit concert., to design, initiate and sustain a program of specific benefit for children - educational, health, skills training, creative arts, rehabilitative.
  • Develop an art theater production dramatizing how to make peace, create justice and end all the wars in the world.
  • Invite artists, peace organizations, churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, and other religious, spiritual, cultural and philantrophic associations to join in sponsorship of the Megiddo Project.
  • Develop a traveling art for peace exhibit.
  • Develop a continuing, permanent "peace education center" at megiddo, attractive to tourists and integrated into the tour programs that bring thousands of tourists to the site every year form all over the world

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