Who We Are

We Are:

alan haber, i work as a carpenter and cabinet maker, maintaining
an independent shop in ann arbor. i have been an activist organizer for
a long time, for students for a democratic society starting in 1959
through organizing the port huron convention in 1962, economic research
and action project, radical education project, splinter group collective
woodshop, circus urban commune, "union" presidential campaign, berkeley
citizen action mayor's campaign, long haul activist center, and since
returning to ann arbor, my hometown, in 1993, i have been active with
odile in the local peace and environmental coalition for the abolition
of nuclear weapons and abolition 2000 united states branch of the
global network and the network against weapons and nuclear power in
space. we are also both on the middle east task force of the local
interfaith council for peace and justice.
i began imagining the "megiddo project" after i made a family table for
peace, in 1976

odile hugonot haber, i work as a registered nurse, currently in a large
emergency room, previously in intensive care and cardiac care, and also
as a french interpretor. i worked in a kibbutz in israel, experienced
may of 1968 in paris, squatted a house in london, canvassed for the new
democrats in canada, organized the rank and file center in san
franscico, help initiate the staff nurses action project (snap) in the
oakland california nurses association, set up a nursing station for the
homeless in berkeley, helped maintain the long haul activist center from
1986 til 93. i was on the national middle east committeee of new
jewish agenda, and helped initiate women in black in berkeley. and now
am chair of the middle east committee of the women's international
league for peace and freedom. i was co-chair of the organizing committee
of the last wilpf congress in saint louis and attended the last
international congress, and also the united nations women's conference
in beijing. i helped develop the megiddo project since 1986

we have been 10 times together to israel and palestine and are familiar
with the many organizations and personalities of the peace camps and
political grouping on both sides of the green line.

Alan Haber's Wood Work

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Alan and Odile Hugonot Haber - megiddo@umich.edu