Changes, June 2004

These photos show Simon dealing with the changes in his body as his disease becomes more evident.

6/1/04 GameCube with Miguel. Simon is unbeatable!
6/3/04 Simon with his teacher, Ms. Eaton. First Grade picnic at Laird Park.
6/5/04 Junie B. Jones at the King's English bookstore. Elise and Ian Martin with Simon. Fun stuff.
6/13/04 Trying to teach Markus how to play solitaire. The new violinist.
6/16/04 A visit by Simon's nurse, Chris, from Community Nursing Services. Chris and a bunch of blood draw supplies.
6/16/04 Lunch at the zoo. Paparazza!!! (Or how Simon really feels about having his photo taken.)
A more willing model (Miriam). And another (Grann).
6/20/04 A crystal-growning project. 6/25/04 Repose.
6/28/04 Back at the zoo with all the cousins! Sisters Julie and Mary. The whole gang of twelve (David, Simon, Mary, Julie, Ann, Miriam, Eliza, Margot, Claudia, Nathan. Markus and Jocelyn not pictured.)
Beautiful boy. Beautiful popsicle.
6/28/04 Moments of delightful silliness with Margot. I MEAN it. No more pictures!!! Let me be.
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