The question that animates my research is how to understand the nature of and relationships between political agents and institutions. "Political agency" refers to actors both at the individual and collective level; I try to understand them and their engagements with other actors and institutions. I approach this broad question through applied Kantianism. I treat Immanuel Kant as a social theorist interested in working out the relationship between reasons, ideas, and arguments, on the one hand, and sociologically situated interests and practices, on the other. I use his insights to explore a broad range of "hard cases," that is, cases that challenge ordinary intuitions about political agency.

My second book, The Playing Fields of Eton, has just been published by the University of Michigan Press. My first book, Arguments and Fists: Political Action and Justification in Liberal Theory, is still, amazingly, available, also digitally for the Kindle!

Selected Articles and Chapters

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