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Checklist of Mongolian Diatoms

As published in Nova Hedwigia.

This checklist contains 547 diatom taxa, representing 82 genera that have been reported from Mongolia. It represents nearly 100 years of published and new research on Mongolia's diatom flora, the results of which have not been widely distributed to international audiences. Mongolia has a great variety of aquatic habitats including rivers, springs, soil, and freshwater and saline lakes, and diatom distribution in Mongolia is strongly related to water chemistry and microhabitat. The checklist is organized in alphabetical order by genus and species using current nomenclature. The genera are split into categories as follows:
A to F, G to P, and Q to Z. You may also choose an individual letter to view the genera beneath it.
Indented entries are taxonomic synonyms previously used in the literature to refer to the Mongolian flora. This checklist has been submitted as a manuscript where 31 of the diatoms were reported as new distributions from Mongolia. Six nomina nuda from the literature are given at the end of the checklist.