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Hello my name is Mike and welcome to my home page, like many home pages it is a work in progress that may never be "done". In addition to saying what ever I have to say to the cyberland and listing some of the links that I find interesting, I intend to make this site a resource that is useful in several areas that are of interest to me and hopefully to others.

A bit about myself

I am an active person with more interest then I have time to pursue.

Much of my spare time is consumed by soaring related activities. I am a glider flight instructor for the Sandhill Soaring Club (SSC), the largest soaring club in the state of Michigan. For the last several years I have served as vice-president for the South East Michigan Soaring Association (SEMSA). SEMSA owns and operates Richmond Field as a glider port. I also serve as airport manager for Richmond Field.

For the past two years me and some friends have been putting together a toy development company that we call ZoidCo™, and developing a prototype for a radio controlled battling robot toy that we call InsectaZoid™. We brought our InsectaZoid™ prototypes to the Toy Manufactures of America Toy-Fair 2000 in New York and they were incredibly well received. Currently we are working out the details of a joint venture agreement that will get the InsectaZoid™ on store shelves in time for Christmas 2000.

I am a collector of many things strange and wonderful. Currently my main collecting interest is Antique Typewriters. Some of the other antiques I collect are flash lights, fire extinguishers, cook ware, weigh scales, staplers, check protectors, sewing machines, photographic equipment, quack medical devices, and antique aircraft.

People Friends and others that I find interesting.

Cool Stuff Things that I find interesting.

Antique Typewriters Links and Info.

Aviation Links A list of useful aviation links.

Mac vs. Windows A list of useful Macintosh links and entertaining windoze bashes.

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