I have moved to the Princeton Neuroscience Institute as a postdoc with Jon Cohen. You should look at my new website instead!

I am a Ph.D candidate in Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Michigan, working with Rick Lewis in Psychology and Satinder Singh in Computer Science. Before this, I was an RA for Colin Phillips at the University of Maryland Cognitive Neuroscience of Language Lab, and before that I managed a multimillion-dollar emerging-markets product for Gartner. I got my BA in Linguistics at Yale where I wrote my senior thesis with Maria Piñango looking for online evidence for unambiguously successive-cyclic traces.

My primary scientific interest is in building a computationally precise (i.e. implemented) theory of human behavior, and then testing this theory against human performance. My current domain of interest is adaptive eye movement control in reading, though I have done some work on other questions in psycholinguistics, as well as music cognition. See my research page for more.