Optimization Models For Decision Making: Volume 1 (Junior Level)

Internet Edition

Katta G. Murty
Department of Industrial And Operations Engineering
1205 Beal Avenue
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI-48109-2117, USA.
e-mail: murty@umich.edu


This is a Junior level book on some versatile optimization models for decision making in common use. The aim of this book is to develop skills in mathematical modeling, and in algorithms and computational methods to solve and analyze these models in undergraduate students.

It is a complete book prepared carefully to be in mostly a self-learning style, and not some incomplete course notes that you see on some websites. The simple style with lots of illustrative examples and exercises can help the students to learn most of the material on their own with only occasional help from the instructor. Chapter 0 has the table of contents for the whole book, preface explaining its philosophy, and a glossary. Each chapter is installed as a separate PDF with its own index. Hopefully users can read most of the book on the screen, and if necessary print only the essential portions of only the chapters they need. Paper can also be saved by printing 4 or even 8 pages/sheet.

Contributions Requested

No funding could be obtained for my effort in preparing this book. Also, everyone who uses this web-book, saves the cost of buying an expensive paper-book containing this material. I request each such user to honestly contribute about US$15 (or more if you like) of the amount you save, mailing it to my address given above to partly compensate for my time in preparing it. The money received will also be used to maintain these websites, make improvements in this book, and in preparing Volume 2 of this book at the Master's level.

If you are a faculty member using this book in a course, please encourage your students to contribute. In your first class you may select a student to collect from everyone in the class, and then mail the amount collected to my above address.

Corrections and Suggestions for Improvement

For user's convenience weblinks will be installed in the file of each chapter as contributions are received.

Corrections, suggestions for improvement can be sent to me by e-mail. Also, if innovative new exercises suitable for this level of students are sent, they will be included in the planned Chapter 13 (Additional Exercises) under the contributor's name.

Table of Contents

Chapter 0 Contents, Preface, Glossary junior-0.pdf
Chapter 1 Models for Decision Making junior-1.pdf
Chapter 2 Scoring Method for Category 1 junior-2.pdf
Chapter 3 LP Formulations junior-3.pdf
Chapter 4 Simplex Method for Solving LPs junior-4.pdf
Chapter 5 Duality, Marginal Analysis in LP junior-5.pdf
Chapter 6 Transportation Problem junior-6.pdf
Chapter 7 Modeling Integer Programs junior-7.pdf
Chapter 8 Branch and Bound Approach junior-8.pdf
Chapter 9 Heuristic Methods junior-9.pdf
Chapter 10 Dynamic Programming junior-10.pdf
Chapter 11 CPM in Project Management junior-11.pdf
Chapter 12 Bridging Between Theory, Practice junior-12.pdf
Chapter 13 Additional Exercises junior-13.pdf