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welcome to the NAACP!
Greetings NAACP fam!

Jamila, PresidentIt is with great pleasure that I introduce you to our organization! Though most people are familiar with the NAACP at least on some level, it is extremely important to know the magnitude of the collegiate chapters. The youth were certainly the driving force of many marches, sit-ins, and movements within this group, and we won't be stopping anytime soon. The University of Michigan has been in the political spotlight for some years, and our biggest challenges promise to lie ahead.

The biggest question posed to our executive board is, "Why is the NAACP necessary in 2006?" Considering that the MCRI (Michigan Civil Rights Initiative) - a proposal to banish affirmative action and all race documentation - will be on the Michigan ballot this year, this is actually one of the most essential times that our organization must stand tall! There have been many advances made in the 97 years that the NAACP has been organized, and we don't plan on allowing this proposal to halt any of that progress.

Our task is more than simply going around rallying around this and other pertinent subjects - we must go into our Detroit, Flint, and various other urban and lower socio-economic classrooms to let the students know that success is possible when no one else will venture into these areas. We must service the community that we are a part of, whether it be through food drives, tutoring, or painting homes. We must inform and offer solutions to the increasing HIV/AIDS epidemic that tears its way through our communities of color. Whatever goals we have for the year, it must be realized that it is up to us - the current and future generations of power.

Because our organization has so many committees and objectives, it is simple to find a point of interest! We know that too much political or academic work can take its toll, so we are also about having fun! Whether it's a swingout to a haunted house, powderpuff game, or simply having dinner with one another, we are deeply vested in fellow student morale and well-being. In essence, we love having well-rounded people in our group - everyone is welcome!

The question for you is, "Are you ready for the challenge?" If so, become a member today! If something has stopped you in the past, let this be the year that you renew your fight. If you're new to our group, feel free to find a home with the U of M NAACP! We look forward to having you at our events!

Warmest wishes,

Jamila O. Fair
President, U of M NAACP