About this homepage

This homepage is the result of discussions that began in November 1993 at a meeting of an ASN Committee on the Society's future at which I proposed that we look into electronic communication between neurochemists. The go-ahead by the membership was given at the 26th ASN Meeting in Santa Monica in March 1995.

What we have thus far is still largely under construction but conveys the idea. The World Neurochemistry Homepage is housed at the University of Michigan. It will serve as a focal point for other neurochemical societies as well. All neurochemists are encouraged to participate through their respective Societies. Our initial intent is to get off the ground with membership directories (limited access to discourage commercial exploitation), notices of meetings, positions sought and offered, and titles of forthcoming publications in participating neurochemical journals.

I am grateful to

the librarian of the University of Michigan Mental Health Research Institute for setting it up, and

of NIH for his helpful input. Send suggestions to any of us.