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February 6, 1996 Ann Arbor MI USA

World Wide Web

World Neurochemical Societies on the internet is slowly catching on. The World page is maintained at the University of Michigan with the able assistance of Anne Davis, librarian of the Mental Health Research Institute.

We have been busy making links to the various societies listed on our World page. For several months now, Lynn Wecker, the treasurer of ASN, has maintained the ASN page at the University of South Florida in Tampa. We are looking forward to an electronic version of the ASN directory. The program for the upcoming ASN meeting in Philadelphia is seen via a link to local organizers there. David Small in Australia maintains the APSN page and as of a few days ago the ISN page. Here are their e-mail addresses.

For the American Society for Neurochemistry, Lynn Wecker

For the Asian Pacific and International Societies, David Small

Both the ASN and ISN pages will likely be discussed at their respective council meetings in early March in Philadelphia, so if you have comments or suggestions now would be a good time to send them to your respective societies or directly to me in Ann Arbor. To those of you who have already sent us feedback, thank you. My e-mail is agranoff@umich.edu.

Note: "Basic Neurochemistry", 6th edition, is in the planning stages for publication in late 1998. If you have suggestions on how it should differ from the 5th edition, please send your comments to the editors via the Basic Neurochemistry Forum. Also look at Neurolinks contributed by Wayne Albers.

Addendum 2/23/96

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